Cook with us #19 - chocolate orange overnight oats (vegan)

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Who doesn't love chocolate (apart from crazy people)?! Chocolate is also just so diverse and is complemented by so many other flavours so I've combined mine here with orange oil- the smell just takes me back to family christmases when my parents would fill our stockings with chocolate oranges, so yummy!


I've been making overnight oats quite frequently recently, mainly because no effort and cooking is required so I thought, why not do a collaboration between the above two! So here it is, a one-step chocolate orange oats recipe.


I combined oats with sweetened soya milk, cocoa powder, a hint of orange essence and left them overnight in the fridge. They were ready for me in the morning, just waiting to be hastily gobbled up!


(I also greedily topped the bowl up with nuts and chocolate sauce, but of course that's optional!).



Sounds super yummy @foodflaneur - my son also makes an oat breakfast with cocoa. Please don't forget to resteem the post from cookwithus

Hi @pandamama, thank you :-) Yes, I've just seen the message now, I thought I' resteemed when I upvoted but evidently did one and not the other :-( I'm trying to resteem it now, but cannot see the option- has it expired or am I just being blind?!

If it has expired you can just resteem one of our other posts - not a problem @foodflaneur

Ah great, thank you, will get onto that now :-)

I love those shots, looks super delicious! 💚

Thank you so much :-)

I love your amazing photos. By looking at them I feel like I really get to experience your dish. I like too how you put his together the night before so all you have to do in the morning is eat! Thanks for sharing your delicious breakfast dish!

Thank you @chefsteve :-) Well what can I say, I'm not a morning person, the less there is to do, the better!

Simple but surely satisfying with great choice of just a few ingredients. It definitely works. The photos do the talking here. Makes one smell, taste and feel the enjoyment of the dish.

Thanks for sharing our breakfast entry @foodflaneur!

Thank you @offoodandart, it sure is simple, but I'm lazy in the mornings! Ha :-)

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