Cook with us Week #27 - Roast Vegetable Consomme

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Finally a quick break and to send my recipe at the last moment for the soup challenge in @cookwithus

Thank you to @chefsteve, @pandamama and @offoodandart who have taken time out of their busy schedules to run this competition for us.

Pandamama has just come back from a week away in Greece and I believe Chefsteve and Offoodandart are away this week and still looking after us.

My final plating of the roast vegetable consomme

The vegetables ready for roasting

In the oven with olive oil

I decided to make something different as we have been having soup every night since our holiday to get rid of the excess weight - so I left off the lentils at the last moment.

We have been having all different types of vegetable soup every night but most of them have been thick - so I decided a good consomme would make a nice change

What did I use?
Potato, carrot, baby marrow, squash, red and yellow peppers, some celery and onion

Roasted them in the oven and then put them in a slow cooker with some chicken stock cubes.

Very simple dish to make and most enjoyable.

Hope you enjoy.

Happy travels @chefsteve and @offoodandart

Good luck to all the contestants and welcome to some new ones on board

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Simple, light and tasty! This soup looks so elegant. I like the way you cut the veggies so each one gets to be tasted separately as you eat the soup. But they all add to the flavor of the broth. Well done! Thanks for sharing this soup with us. Don’t forget to put a link to this post over at Cook with Us.


Done now @chefsteve - sorry was at a movie shoot all afternoon - all good now

Healthy and light, I'm sure roasting the veg gave your consomme great flavour @edenmichelle. I could live on soup, just love it!
Good luck with the contest :)

Welcome back @edenmichelle! A light and simple dish is always so refreshing after eating heavy and complex meals. We welcome a break and truly enjoy the change. Despite being simple, your consomme is packed with different veggies that make your it so flavorful. Beautiful photos too!

Great consomme - well done

Really good soup @edenmichelle - roasted veg gives such a great flavour

All those veggies sound so delicious roasted then put into a light yet flavorful broth! Soup is great any time, but it is an excellent way to reset after eating a little more indulgently for a while. :)