Cook With Us #18 - Ice Cream - Banana Split

in cookwithus •  4 months ago

Well this was a challenge - It was so hot in Cyprus and still early enough in the morning but the Ice cream was melting before I could even work with it.

I decided on a Banana Split.

Ingredients - Low-fat vanilla Ice Cream
One banana cut in half longways
Chocolate sauce
Biscuit wafers

Cut the banana in half and attach to 3 scoops of low fat vanilla ice cream

Sprinkle with chocolate sauce and add cream

Finally add some curly wafers for decoration - and yummy taste

And there you have it - a simple but delicious dessert.


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Oh yummy, my favourite ice cream sundae from way back!


Thanks @lizelle - and your recipe is really amazing this week

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I have to say that this drove me to seek a serving of banana split for myself. And I sure had some! It's hot where I live as well and anywhere you go, you'll see people enjoying a cone or a cup of ice cream. Wonderful to see!

Welcome back and thanks for your entry @edenmichelle!


Thank you for hosting this competition @cookwithus - and happy to see my post encouraged you to seek a serving of banana split

Great looking banana split! I haven't had one in years, think I'm gonna make one myself. Good luck in the contest this week.


Thanks @slowcookingchef - glad I was able to make you feel like a banana split - good luck to you too

Your entry looks appetizing anyway despite your struggle with the heat @edenmichelle. I ended up ordering a banana split when I saw your entry. =D


Ah that pleases me @offoodandart

Top this off with a maraschino cherry and then you will completely bring me back to childhood. I love this banana split and the memories it conjures. Thanks for your entry and good luck!


Thanks @chefsteve - I wanted to add a maraschino cherry but couldn't find any