Cook With Us #18 Awful Awful Sundae

in cookwithus •  4 months ago

This story goes back a long time - my late grandfather and grandmother once owned the very first ice-cream parlour in Johannesburg, South Africa. It was called Milky Lane - the forerunner of the chain of stores later that was named Milky Way - (unfortunately my family sold the first store and then the franchise happened)

So one of their famous ice-cream dishes was called "Awful Awful Sundae"

Today I created one with some great ingredients;

Vanilla Ice-cream
Chocolate Ice-cream
1 tin crushed Pineapple (of course I did not use the whole tin)
1 tin mixed berries (same here)
Chocolate Sauce

Started off by freezing the glass and adding some crushed pineapple to the glass and returning to the freezer

Add chocolate sauce to the sides of the glass (it will stick to the cold glass)

Next, add some vanilla ice-cream

Add some berries (without the juice)
Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 9.25.03 PM.png

Add Chocolate ice-cream

Add Walnuts or pecan nuts with some chocolate sauce

Finally top with whipped cream and add a berry on top

Drizzle with chocolate sauce

Was worth all the effort - and the frozen crushed pineapple tasted amazing at the end - a real treat

Hope you enjoy - and good luck to all the contestants

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Great looking sundae! Good luck in the contest this week!

There is absolutely nothing "awful" about this sundae other than the fact that I can't eat it in person. I wonder how they came up with that name? Love the pineapple and I can just imagine how delicious this sundae must be with all the different layers of fruit and ice cream. Delicious!

Delicious awful sundae @deimus, interesting tidbit about your grandparents, I still call it Milky Lane - probably gives away my age ;) but I just love their caramel dipped ice cream cone :)


You might remember the first branch that opened in Hillbrow - a big sign saying Your hosts - Chris and Nel

'Awful' is the last thing that came to mind when I saw your sundae. It looks delicious! The frozen pineapple at the very end is the golden treasure. Definitely makes it a fun eating experience!

Thanks @deimus and good luck!

That's so cool that your grandparents started Milky Lane. So you have ice cream in your blood! This sundae in a glass is great! I like the handle on the glass so you can secure the glass while you dig out all the ice cream. I like your combo of ice creams, pineapple, berries, nuts and chocolate sauce. Thanks for sharing a bit of your family history with us! Good luck!