The @docsmith Handcrafted Knife Contest by @cookwithus

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The @docsmith Handcrafted Knife Contest

The @cookwithus team, @chefsteve, @offoodandart and @pandamama are pleased to announce the @docsmith handcrafted knife contest. If you would like to participate please comment below with the phrase “I’m in to win”.

The talented knife maker, @docsmith has offered to make and donate one of his beautiful handcrafted knives to the winner of a special @cookwithus contest. The knife that @docsmith will donate is a medium sized gyutowith a hamon finish and laser cut with “CwU”. These photos are of a knife that @docsmith has made. The winner of this contest will get a similar knife, delivered to them at no cost. The knife will not be exactly the same as all of @docsmith’s knives are one-of-a-kind works of art. At the bottom of this post we will share some photos of the winner’s knife while it is still being made! When you have time please head over to @docsmith and see his amazing work. @docsmith also sells his knives, so if you are not lucky enough to win this contest you can still have one of these handcrafted masterpieces.

How the contest will work

The contest will have three challenges and will take place over three weeks from August 28th until September 17th. You must sign up in the comments section of this post with the phrase “I’m in to win”.

Week 1- August 28th to September 3rd

Hors d’oeuvre, Canapé or Bite-sized Appetizer

In the first week (STARTING AUGUST 28TH) you will make one hors d’oeuvre, canapé or bite-sized appetizer. This is a small flavorful snack that you might have at a cocktail party or before a dinner party. You can make anything that you want as long as it is small and can be eaten in one or two bites. Make sure that you include at least one photo with a hand holding the bite sized snack. After judging this week, 1/2 of the contestants will be eliminated.

Week 2- September 4th to September 10th

Mystery Basket

There will be four ingredients in the mystery basket and they will be revealed on Tuesday September 4th. You will make one dish of your choice using all four of the mystery basket ingredients. Expect that one ingredient will seem a bit unusual. But, you must find a way to use all of the ingredients in your dish. If one of the ingredients is a protein, we will offer a meat and vegan option. We love our diverse community at Cook with Us and we want everyone to go after this amazing prize, in their own way. After judging this week, 1/2 of the contestants will be eliminated.

Week 3- September 11th to September 17th

A Three Course Meal

In the final week, you will made a three course meal consisting of one starter, one main dish and one dessert. What you make is completely up to you. Just make sure for each course that you make only one dish. After judging this week there will be only one very happy winner!

One last reminder… You must sign up in the comments section of this post with the phrase “I’m in to win”.

A Winner’s Knife in the Making

This @cookwithus contest will be very challenging because the prize is so special. Let’s take a look at the @docsmith knife while it is still being made.

@docsmith explained that the knife had a first dip into acid to see how the hamon turned out. He also said that the knife starts out being sanded at 60 grit (pictured above) and that he then works up to 600 grit sanding. @docsmith then continues the sanding process by hand. We will post more photos as the knife making process continues. We can’t wait to see the finished knife!

Additional Sponsorship

@cookwithus has built up an amazing community of passionate cooks. We foster a positive and open environment where people can gather each week and share ideas, information and complements, while engaging in our friendly contest. We are always looking for ways to increase our prizes to reward our winners in a way that more closely matches their efforts. If you are interested in sponsoring our contest then we would love to hear from you. You can see how one generous sponsorship from @docsmith has created this whole separate contest that will bring together so many talented Steemit cooks. Please follow the links below to contact us on our discord to discuss your sponsorship.

Cook with Us is on Discord

To join, please follow the steps below.
- Create a Discord account if first time on Discord. It's best to use your Steemit username.
- Download the Discord app which can be found here.
- Click on this link to join the Cook with Us channel.


I’m in to win :D


Great! Welcome to the contest @puskas!

I'm in to win!

Awesome @slowcookingchef! Good luck in the competition. It's going to be a lot of fun!

I'm root'n for you buddy!

Hey Dan, Maybe you can make some Ukrainian dishes for the competition!

I'm making borsch right now! lol We'll see if I can find time to organize a competition post.

Yay @slowcookingchef! Looking forward to your creations!

I'm in to win

Hi @edenmichelle! So nice to have you participating in this exciting contest!

Great! Welcome to the contest @edenmichelle!

I'm in to win

Hey @leelektrik! Welcome to the @docsmith knife contest!

Great! Welcome to the contest @leelektrik!

I'm in to win

That's awesome @deimus! Great to have you in the contest!

Great! Welcome to the contest @deimus!

I'm in to win

Hello @lesbento! So nice to have you join the contest!

Great! Welcome to the contest @lesbento!

i'm in to win

I’m in to win!

Great @foodforsoul! I'm looking forward to seeing what you create!

Yay! Looking forward to your creations @foodforsoul!

The knife looks awesome! How I wish I had knife skills elite enough to deserve it! Nice catch on the prize, you guys! Such an awesome giveaway. I hope the turnout for this is as great as the craftsmanship poured into the blade!

I'm in to win! 😎

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Very creative contest and love the prize!!

Thanks @johnspalding! We will try to make it tonight to check out the show.

Thanks @chefsteve - I did my mention of the contest at about the 0:19:00 mark -

@johnspalding, We really appreciate the recognition and the exposure. I just watched the clip and It was great coverage of @docsmith and our event. Thank you!

I'm in to win!

Hi @lizelle! Thanks for joining the knife contest!


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Buenas noche. Bello Post. Buen trabajo. Saludos desde Venezuela. Lo invito visitar mi blog. Hasta luego.

Brother's excellent post, always brother's success

I'm in to win! Been a little busy lately and haven't been able to enter the past few weeks, but I'm going to make an effort to join!

Hey @plantstoplanks! No worries! We created CwU so that people can enter when they have time. We don’t want people to ever feel obligated to enter each week! I’m so happy that you intend to join the knife contest! Good luck!

Oh I never feel obligated, it's more I really enjoy joining in so I have missed you all with not being so active!! :)

“I’m in to win”.

Welcome to Cook with Us @atmemestable! I’m so happy that you will join the competition! Good luck!

These knives are beautiful works of art and I'm so excited about this contest! Can't wait to get my creative juices flowing!

I'm ready to win

I want to enter the contest :)

So great to have you in this special contest @birdsinparadise!