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Hello Steemit community,

The Cook with Us team (@chefsteve, @pandamama, and @offoodandart) look forward to welcoming you into our contest on March 6th. In preparation for the launch of @cookwithus we are sharing with you the official rules.
If you have any questions about the rules please ask us in the comments section below.

Cook with Us official contest rules

• The title of your post should look like this: Cook with us – Month, Week # – and the name of your starter, main or dessert. For example, Cook with Us - March, Week 1 - Spaghetti and Meatballs
• The first tag on your entry must be: cookwithus
• Please upvote and resteem the post on which the link to your entry will appear.
• You can only enter one dish per entry (a dish means a single version. Not one dish two or three ways. You may only enter one entry per week.
• Contest ends every Monday 12:00 UTC.
• Results will be published no later than Thursday 12:00 UTC. Three days after the contest is closed.
• Submit a proof photo with the dish. The proof photo must include your Steemit name, the dish name and the date.
• Entries do not have to be original. However, if not original, please provide the source.
• Include a description of the dish. Some examples are the taste of the dish, its origin, or the story behind it.
• Describe why your dish works. Give a brief description about why you put these ingredients together.
• Post your entry in the comments section of the weekly challenge. This is the post that announces the start of the week's contest.
• While there is a calendar showing future themes, entries can only be submitted for the current week's contest and only after the official post for the contest is made. Entries submitted before the official start date or after the deadline will not be considered valid entries.
• The Cook with Us contest will cover many topics and disciplines. Make sure you check for weekly contest rules that may change due to the nature of the challenge.
• By entering @cookwithus, the contestant agrees to their material being used by the organizers for any purposes and will not be compensated should the material be published. But, you, the author/photgrapher will be given written credit.

Also, you can see our March calendar below or read the entire post by clicking HERE.

Make sure that you follow us so that you can see @cookwithus updates easily in your feed.
We look forward to getting to know each of you better each week as we cook, compete and share with each other. Thank you for your support and we will see you soon!

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Great! Starting to think about what to do!!


We're looking forward to seeing your creative entries @jorgegp

excellent!! and thanks for your support.!


Thanks for stopping by @yankee-statman! More info coming soon!

I am from Turkey and so proud of our kitchen. I think you will see some nice contributions from our community :)


That would be awesome to see contributions from your community! Looking forward to them!


We will leave many watery mouths :P

Woohoo!! Definitely excited for this to start! I'm sure this is going to be a success!


The @cookwithus team has been enjoying this project. Watch for more info and for the upcoming launch.

Thanks for your continued support @jedau!

Wow this is great. I think this is a good platform to display my local delicacies.


Hope you find themes on the calendar that work for you. Thank you @princeene001!

Awesome, we anticipate march 6th, let's show you the awesomeness in African delicacy.


Look so forward to seeing your African delicacy. One of our judges originates from South Africa @ciocolony

I want to join


Please do - send your entry in on the week of 6th March - the earlier the better @ahmetchef


how to register


There is no registration required @ahmetchef. Next week we will make a post to launch the first week. The theme for next week is your favorite family meal. Meaning any meal that you like from your childhood or any meal that your family enjoys eating now. All you have to do is post your entry after the launch date of March 6th. Thanks for your interest and we look forward to seeing your entry next week!


I read the rules. I will try to fulfill them.


Thank you @eduards - we've tried to make them as simple as possible

excellent!! and thanks for your support.!

You got a 10.07% upvote from @buildawhale courtesy of @cookwithus!
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Sounds exciting!

Looks like a fun contest and will be looking to get involved in the future! Great work @chefsteve, @pandamama, and @offoodandart for creating @cookwithus and collaborating together.