🍴 Cook with Us #24, Round two of the @docsmith knife contest, 🏆 Winners Announced!

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This was the hardest week of judging for the Cook with Us team, @offoodandart, @pandamama and @chefsteve. Everyone produced excellent dishes and the voting was super close. But, this is a competition and so only the top three people are advancing to the final dessert theme round. Congratulations to the three winners who will advance to the finals. For those that did not make it through we thank you for your participation and for all of your contributions to the Cook with Us community. We look forward to seeing you after the break in season three.

Let’s see who is advancing to the final round!

Chai Tea Infused Masala Tofu with Cornmeal Waffles, Tomato Raisins and Strawberry Chutney by @atmemestable

Honey Tea Chicken & Strawberry and Tomatoes Salad by @foodforsoul

Tea-rubbed Chicken with Strawberry Tomato Salsa by @lizelle

Good luck this week with your desserts. We look forward to seeing the what sweet dishes you make to complement your hors d’oeuvres and main dish. Here is the link to the round three, dessert entry post.


Another donation has come in from @sneaky-ninja. Thank you very much! Huge apologies for giving acknowledgement to the wrong person - who copied the sneaky-ninja name without the hyphen. We appreciate this most generous gift to our rewards pool.
Thanks for the delegation of 50SP from @goldendawne who runs a weekly curation program and has acknowledged several of our contestants already. This is a very much appreciated delegation.
Thank you to @curie for voting for our wonderful contestants. This is a great privilege for us to see their posts being acknowledged.
@zord189 gave an interesting new sponsorship called Steem Basic Income, to @cookwithus winner @birdsinparadise. @birdsinparadise has a lifetime vote from Steem Basic Income to encourage her to keep posting. This generous sponsorship was in addition to the weekly 5 SBD award for first place. Thank you @zord189!
A donation also came in from @sneaky-ninja for the month of July and again for the month of August - thank you so very much and @jedau also kindly made a donation to CwU and gave us a shout out. You can read his shout out post HERE.
There were many people that helped us to get this competition up and running. We would like to say a BIG thank you to them all and express our sincere gratitude for their contributions.
Please show your support for @aggroed by voting for him as a witness.
Thanks to @docsmith for the generous donation of a beautiful custom-made knife specifically crafted for Cook with Us.
We are delighted with the caricatures made for us by @bazbiscuit. Thank you Barry!
@jacklimberis made our banner and gif for us. Thank you Jack - we really appreciate all the hard and beautiful work!
Thank you @edenmichelle for making the youtube video for us. A huge thanks as well to @leelektrik for creating our logo.
Thank you VIEWLY for the View Token prizes that we will give to our contestants who make a little video of their recipes.
Please follow @goldendawne,@DocSmith, @jedau, @zord189, @jznsamuel, @sneaky-ninja, @jacklimberis, @bazbiscuit, @edenmichelle, @theywillkillyou, @world5list, @world-travel-pro, and @heyitshaas. We hope to add to this list of supporters of our competition. If you would like to be a supporter of @cookwithus, please contact us. We would love to hear from you.

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Congratulations to @lizelle and @atmemestable for making the cut to the final week. I can’t wait to get cracking on the dessert it’s gonna be really good. Good luck to everyone and thank to that @cookwithus team and @docsmith for organising this challenge.

Congrats @atmemestable, @foodforsoul & @lizelle!

I am really looking forward to seeing what you have in the oven for the final round.
I have high expectations and I am sure you will satisfy my sweet tooth.

Wow thank you @cookwithus, so excited to be through! Congrats @foodforsoul & @atmemestable, good luck to both of you, really looking forward to desserts!


Congratulations @lizelle - good luck for the next round


Well done @lizelle - one step closer to the grand prize

Congratulations ladies - look forward to seeing these round 3 recipes

Congrats @atmemestable, @foodforsoul and @lizelle! Can't wait to see the dessert creations you come up with! Happy cooking!

Congrats to all the chef's moving on! Looking forward to seeing your deserts!

Oh goodness!!! Round two!!!

Going to go get another refill of hazelnut coffee and settle to see all these great recipes and images!!


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