Pit Roasted Lamb Shoulder

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Lamb is best cooked in fire, this has been a truth since the beginning of time.

To pit-roast lamb, start with a good wood fire to build up white coals ...
Build up a pit of white coals.jpg

Once the fire is good and hot, prepare your lamb with salt pepper and mint...
Lamb salt pepper mint.jpg

Wrap tightly in foil and let it sit in the hot coals for about 20 minutes per pound of Lamb...
Lamb in the fire.jpg

Carefully remove the lamb from the fire, let rest 10 minutes and unwrap...
Pit Roasted Lamb.jpg

Carve cooked meat away from the bones and serve.

Original Photos and Recipe by me

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thanks guys and this is so recent experience to enjoy the way grilled meat or fish.
Thank for you @timeshiftarts


You're very welcome. Hopefully you get the chance to try it.