My Lazy Dinner Recipe

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My dinner today - some kind of replacement for corn beef that It is very difficult to find here. :)

Carne bovina in gelatina (replacement for corn beef)
Olive oil

HOW TO MAKE 20 mins. DISH?

Cut potatoes to small cubs and boil them until cooked (10 min or so). Don't overcook it. Cut the onion to slices. Put a spoon of olive oil into the non-stick pan and fry the onion. Onion must be fried well, so use the medium fire and spend some time on it If the fire is too hot use little stock soup or hot water to prevent onion from burning. When the onion has a nice color add the corn beef from the can and continue cooking. The water will reduce and the corn beef will have a nice texture. At this point add cooked potato cubes and cook little bit, add salt and pepper or spices of your choice until you are satisfied with the taste. Serve it on a hot plate together with the plain rice.

I recommend to serve it with the light red wine, Cviček from Dolenjska - Slovenija. But my today's choice is traditional italian birra Moretti :)

Boun appetito :)


When u are using the can to make a quick meal, always try the taste before adding salt, pepper or other spices, because some products already contain salt and spices.

Come again, 😘


Sarap naman yan kabayan. 😀 Penge ako wala pa ko breakfast. Lols

It looks delicious, dear @taica

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