Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

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Instead of doing all our baking on one day, we've decided to spread out the experience. Each day until Christmas we are making something different.

Last night we made chocolate crinkle cookies.

The recipe didn't call for extra dark cocoa powder or chocolate chips...but since I love putting my own twist on recipes, I opted for those. The result was a decadent dough that smelled so good!

What gives these cookies their unique "crinkle" look after baking is rolling them in powdered sugar before baking! Be sure to cake it on there real good!

No cookie making is complete until you've got your hands messy and have licked all the spoons and bowls.

12 minutes in the oven at 350* and you get absolute perfection.

I may have had one of these for breakfast this morning (shhhhh don't tell).


I've been doing this with my kiddos this week too! So much fun! 💜

vote boss got me yes

Very interesting recipe. I'm sure this delicious cookie. We are waiting for new culinary experiments from you and your children.

I definitely would have those for breakfast....chocolate is good for me, right? Full of stuff that lowers LDL? lol....sure it is :)

I love the photos of the kids licking the spatula. We'd have fights about whose turn it was to do that job. It's a top job after all.

So much for staying off Steemit for a few days....I knew I wouldn't. Glad you shared a little bit of home with us. Thank you!

LOL Steemit is addicting.

Nice work like it

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