Whole snapper and mashed potatoes

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Roasting fish in foil is fun, and an easy step by step process. I used whatever seasoning I could find. Was not feeling good about no garlic or hot pepper, my favorite with whole snapper.

I also prepared mashed red skin potatoes. As usual I was too lazy to peel them, and wished I did peel them when it was all mashed and mixed.

Drinking Smirnoff ice provided a nice timeline tool for the photos, and a cool buzz.






























That fills this your fridge !! if you see mine you could cry with me xD

good one :)

This is serious. It's early morning in Uganda and I feel like preparing my lunch now. My stomach is now grooming.

I wish I could be your visitor at that particular time when the food is ready and then you chase me out after eating.lol

I will try preparing the same but in African way

I usually don't like my food looking back at me....but, this looks really good!

Woooow your kitchen is very beautiful and full with beautiful things
I love it
you shared a healthy food and full with energy thanks for sharing it I feel hungry
Huge thanks for sharing it cooking method with a step by step including photo
God bless you hope you have a good day

Its liok rasty it make me hungry haha enjoy your time friend

now that is an awesome dinner you had and the food looks delicious and yummy, talk about good living , i love the kitchen, it has been done well

Great cooking skills, i wish i could eat something made from your hand, looks delicious to me, yummy worth tasting...

That's a really nice looking house you have there.
Enjoy your meal buddy :)

it seems delicious sangata, I also like the whole snapper, where we snapper for our often grilled then eaten with sweet soy sauce, seasoning mixed with sweet soy sauce is small chilli, red onion, tomato and plus a little salt.

Wow, fresh fish and sumptuous food definitely family likes not to bother thinking about food, unlike my family @pinacle, who always live in distress.

days with cuisine and some menus @pinacle
as it is already a necessity.
no day with menu :)
no cook do not eat :)

I like the idea of grilled fish, I really have not cooked it that way, I'm going to do it!
The snapper has a unique flavor so cooking it in that way should be a delight for the palate, combined with puree, simply great!
Garcias for sharing!
Best regards from Venezuela!

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I just cannot stand it. I just woke up. Saw your post and made me so hungry. The way you have prepared the way is very interesting because we normally cut it into completes pieces and is no longer in the shape when we cook it.

Its mouth watering i must say
You've got me wondering how these would look and taste like if its prepared with Catfish cause that's what's available and affordable here in my village.

wow this must be really tasty, wish i can taste it you made me eager to eat it . have a great time.

I was really salivating, reading your post, think am gona try that. Great post

woow grilled fish that is very delicious. i really like the grilled fish with the aroma of the seasoning very fragrant and fragrant. special dinner for you @pinacle

just one word: Mouth watering

fresh fish delicious to burn @pinacle.

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Delicious and intriguing cuisine menu
@[email protected] and intriguing cuisine menu
Cooking roasted oriental fish for a special dinner with the family can I do this wiken. This grilled fish does not use much seasoning. Instead used a lot of sauce. It feels good.

Great pictures and your house looks like a dream home.

Forty-five years of age and I've only just got into the way fish is prepared on the Indian subcontinent. I love it now though. I have enjoyed fish with garlic and chili (and melted cheese on top) on many occasions, though. That said, what you prepared in the manner you did does still look tasty.

I know what you mean about the potatoes, as well. That said, all the nutrition is in their skins, isn't it? So, you'll be healthier for it and better equipped should you fancy an extra Smirnoff ice next time.

Good stuff! :)

Woooow the full menu @pinacle all there is ,definitely good results


today I will also bake fish banding fish with emergency menu, some spices and a little salt. because we want to burn it on the seafront, tampa complete inventory (emergency) :)

Yummy post dear

if the menu is a lot, certainly the dish a lot of this big meal :) @pinacle