Best cooking surface in the universe - The Magic Wok

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Seems I finally found the perfect cooking surface. It’s a magical wok.
And if you don’t believe in unicorns, I’ll make you believe in magical woks.

I’ve been cooking for over 15 years, several times a day, so I’ve tried a lot of different pans and I’ve had my share of disappointments, many times I thought I had found the one only to be let down by a handle that broke, a non-sticky coating that started to peel and ending in my food, that later you discovered causes cancer, and lot of dramatic stories like that.

One of my longest relationships was with a ceramic pan in 2014. She was beautiful, had some amazing curves and smooth surfaces, very healthy, would take a bit longer to heat up but when it did the heat was spread all around.
Things started really well, there was nothing that could stick on her. We had some great times and some amazing dishes.
But a few months with her and things started getting more difficult. At first it was just the eggs, but then it was everything. Whatever I cooked on her would stick and she started spending more and more time in the cabinet.

I know it’s probably my fault, at least to a degree. I probably brushed too hard when cleaning and I could have used the softer side of the sponge….
But I guess it wasn’t meant to be.

So I went back to the online market and I put myself out there. Searching for the perfect one for me.

And I found this magical wok you can see in the picture.


It’s a Carbon Steel Wok with a flat bottom and compatible with induction cooktops. It’s magical.

It might seem a bit high maintenance but the time you spend greasing this beauty will only deepen the bond you inevitably develop with your favorite cooking tools.

In the picture you can see a mini bamboo broom which is all you need to clean your wok and avoid polishing/damaging the surface with plastic abrasive sponges and the successive daily washing. This also allows you to keep a micro grease coating that prevails between uses and besides keeping the surface non-sticky it also protects it from oxidation.
And it’s so easy, with hot water and the bamboo brush you get a really clean and healthy surface ready for your cookings.

Healthy non-sticky affordable surface that needs no detergent or plastic utensils to clean.
To me it’s magical.

I’ve already bought two and gave one to my mother. I’ve been using daily for over a year now and I can guarantee you that if treat her right she won’t let you down.
The bamboo brush is very cheap and from what I can tell you can have it last between 6 months to a year depending on the use.

Use good fats like coconut oil which is very healthy and very resistant to high temperatures. Great for stir fry where you put your raw ingredients through very high temperatures for short periods of time. Being from Portugal, we love our olive oil but requires a gentler touch/heat since it’s burning temperature is relatively low at around 175 ºC.
Keep it clean and dry to avoid oxidation.

I’m not the expert I may sound to be so trust what I’m saying with the same moderation I recommend myself :)

Links to buy:


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