Sütlaç turkish rice pudding👌😍

in cooking •  2 years ago 


Preparation time:
60 minutes

1 cup rice
3 glasses of milk
Half glass of sugar
1 sachet vanilla sugar
1 tablespoon mashed pistachio nuts


Pour the milk into the pan and let it cook a bit.
Add after cooking the milk, the rice in the pan.
If that also starts the cooking, add the sugar and the vanilla sugar in the pan.
Put the lid on it. Let the milk a little cooking 45 minutes long.
When that is done, you create few spoonfuls of the sütlaç in a small oven Bowl.
Put in the oven until the top little fire .
Sprinkle the crushed pistachios on the sütlaç. Then do the sütlaç in the refrigerator until it's cold enough to eat.

Enjoy your meal 👌👌

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