Advantages of Cooking Your Own Meals

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Advantages of cooking your own meals 

I am from a rural background. Raised in a village in India. Life back there is hard especially in villages. But tough life teaches how to adapt quickly and how to resist against the hardships and don’t give up at any cost. 

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One part of life in a village is to cook your own meals at home.   I love it because of the following reasons - 

  1. Choice of ingredients
  2. Choice of spices
  3. Choice of healthy over unhealthy
  4. Cleanliness 
  5. Very cost effective 
  6. Low wastage
  7. Very helpful at hard times 
  8. Variety in the menu 

Though, here in Canada it hard to cook yourself due to time constraints, still we cook at home 95% of the times. It is easy if everybody in the family does his/her part, but in my family Manjit is zero on cooking. LOL

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Our ingredients include Wheat, Rice, Lentils, all sorts of vegetables, sugar, salt and many many other spices. What about you? Do you like to cook at home? Do you help in cooking your own meals?  

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Hey, I help in eating though!!


I'm a professional eater :-)


I love cooking my own food as well.
Fast or processed food sometimes can be unhealthy.
Thanks for sharing @golden-bellerina

The best thing about cooking your own food is that you know exactly what is in it. In processed food there is loads of salt and sugar for flavour and chemical preservatives etc.
None of that if you prepare it yourself.

My Dad cooks 90% of the time - except when he's fed up and wishes someone would cook for him! His food is fantastic :-)


You are very lucky to have a Dad who is so caring for you :))

Although not a fan of cooking, I cook almost 95% of the meals we consume. So much cheaper and you know what gors into your dish.


Absolutely, it is hard but it worth to do it.

Sounds and looks appetizing...good cook indeed....

That looks so good