Holy shit, I just made my first eggs Benedict!

in #cooking5 years ago (edited)


And I couldn't be more pleased with myself. It was actually super easy, you can do it too! I just love eggs Benedict, I order it most of the time when I go to a diner or brunch, I have sampled them all over the world. But I have always been intimidated by the Hollandaise sauce for some reason, I've heard it was difficult and maybe the recipes I have looked at before were more involved, when I looked for a recipe today I saw that some took 20 minutes and that the one I picked took 5 minutes. Turns out all you need is a microwave and a blender, you don't even need a stove! The classic method involves double boilers and whisks and such, the recipe I followed doesn't.

By some stroke of fate there was Canadian Bacon in my fridge so I put a pot of water on to boil. I only had three eggs so I cut the recipe for the sauce down to one egg instead of three. I It would have come out more consistant if i did the whole recipe, it was sort of the minimum amount the blender would spin around. always have English muffins and lemons and butter and eggs and salt in the house so I was super psyched when I actually had all the ingredients for something. I don't need to explain toasting and buttering English muffins or tossing the Canadian Bacon in the microwave briefly or poaching eggs right? I said at the top you should spend the last 5 months eating poached eggs and peppers and onions almost every day for the last 5 months until you are totally sick of them because your acupuncturist said you couldn't have fried eggs anymore when I started right?

Anyways without any further ado here is the money shot, what makes or breaks the Benedict:


Oh baby look at that...

I'm not one of those assholes who just shitposts their breakfast and expects a big upvote, I expect a big upvote because this was my lunch and I am @funbobby51 and this is an exclusive for steemit and you should click on my name and hit the FOLLOW button and RESTEEM this shit post because you have a button for that too


Looks nice, would eat.

thanks, next time I will use more lemon.

always have English muffins and lemons and butter and eggs and salt in the house

Since you are looking at ways to simplify things try this

Always have English muffins, lemons, butter, eggs and salt in the house


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