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in #cooking6 years ago

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Chicken liver is a part of some traditional Bulgarian dishes and I love it a lot! But I have never actually tried to spice it up with curry, I haven’t even thought about that, so you got my curiosity! Looks tasty! Good job, @craignow!

thank you :)

You are welcome!

its a hidden source of protein that people do not know about, but you should not eat more than 1 meal every two weeks, since its very very very rich in bad cholesterol

Hope the chicken livers were delicious. Will u make a post about what happens next with the chicken? Were you finished with seasoning?

I love spices non-veg food, I think you use to cook the chicken in Indian spices. benefits of eating chicken liver, A 4-ounce serving of chicken liver just contains around 8 grams of fat, which implies that it isn't stuffing in any way. ... Chicken liver is a decent wellspring of protein and an incredible wellspring of iron and folate, both of which are fundamental for pregnant ladies to keep their blood sound and to help make preparations for certain birth abandons.

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