Frying Tacos in Hot Grease!

in cooking •  6 months ago


I been to Mexico many times but, I never saw anyone put on this type of gear to fry tacos other than my Mom! Today my mom made Tacos for my family and was fully geared up with a double shirt, gloves, ski goggles and a ski mask. It's funny to watch but it works.

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She must put on the whole Sumo suit when she deep frys a turkey! Lol 🤣🤣😎👍

Nothing like a fresh homemade taco 🌮🦖🦖🦖

Many item are shown up here for tempting

lol, she looks a lot like the frying aunty from Bangkok, she runs a 1 Michelin star restaurant and dresses the same way with the ski goggles:

Amazing dress for cooking . Your mom is looking nice in dress .

Cooking in sky or in the kitchen , haha

Is tacos a dangerous food ? Lolz

this is so funny.. OVERKILL protection

Wow that if you can call it maximum security! Hahaha is as they say is better to prevent you from lamenting a burn with oil, I hope those tacos have been delicious :)

Hahahaha she really hates to burn herself with hot oil/ ella en realidad odia quemarse con aceite caliente!! Jajajajaja.

haha theres no substitute for proper preparation. I'll take two tacos :P

Con esa indumentaria como que salieron buenos Tacos! Debieron quedar padrísimos!

The tacos seem to be on fire hahha lit :D

Haha 😀 Great! And now I have desire for some real good mexican food 🤟🏼

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Mmmm! Tacos!!😋😋😋💕

Now that is how it is done!!! LOL :) Awesome man!

I'm just going to say...... why?

haha She is extra careful, and that's not a bad thing at all.

Great work and great idea sir.

I like tacos.It is very interesting post

Holy heaven, that is serious 😁

Good idea, your mother is very intelligent.

Bravo y espero hayas disfrutado mucho de esos tacos! :)

LOL Why @broncnutz?
Maybe she doesn't like the smell :P


She don’t like that hot grease hitting her. Safety first! 😂😂😂

Did Somebody Say Tacos ? I Love Tacos..........@broncnutz


So funny to see ski goggles in the standard issue gear. The tacos were awesome though.

Hahahaha very funny.Safety is more important.

I don't know tacos, but since your mum wore all these protective gear to make tacos, Making Tacos making be a food that spills all over the body.


Frying them in hot grease. Covered for grease splatter


One thing that really caught my attention is the counter top. It's made of tiles? This is really unusual for me, i must admit, but it's actually a good long term solution, since tiles are durable, scratch and heat resistant.

You're moms outfit, just shows how much she cares for her family, or else she wouldn't do it =)


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Wonderful post i also loved your post

it is very beautiful work!

They were delicious!