Homemade Pizza | Finding the Time for Food Projects

in cooking •  6 months ago

I'm a big fan of pizza. I'm not even picky about it. I'll eat excellent gourmet pizza at a fancy restaurant, or frozen pizza dolled up with a bit of my own spices or added cheeses.

I don't usually have the time to make my own pizzas, however. But this one time, I did. I need to do it more often.

I made a normal crust using bread flour (left), and a second using almond flour (right).

Added homemade sauce and slabs of cheese.

Topped off with some canadian bacon on one, and huge pepperoni on the other.

They both turned out excellent. The almond flour crust had a biscuity taste to it and more of a crunch than the flour. I think I preferred it.

It took a lot of time, and I'm not sure how often I would have all the ingredients I need in one place, but once in a while it's a fun little food making project.

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Nice work! Tried making pizza and used thick cheese slices. Better to use shredder cheese.


Thank you! I agree. The thick cheese is too much, and leaves all that open space without cheese. Shredded is way more efficient

I believe the key to using slices of cheese is a different temperature. However, I am not sure what the correct temp you need to use is. You are going to have to experiment. Good thing there is no such thing as bad pizza =]