Taiwanese Braised Pork / Stew Pork - A Local Delight

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Taiwanese braised pork is a very famous food, all eatery store and moms have their own recipe for it.

My secret ingredient which I have learned from a food blogger ( http://www.mitongwu.com/2005/07/blog-...) like 10 years ago, is to add a spoon of peanut butter in the seasoning. It will have a more layer of flavours, with a very aromatic nutty taste. Love it!

Pork belly (bite size)
Mushroom (optional)
Minced garlic 1½ tbsp
Minced red onion 1½ tbsp
Spring onion 4∼5 (only white part needed) chop into 3∼4cm

Soy sauce about half cup
Rock sugar 1½ tbsp
White pepper, a little
Cooking white, a little
Peanut butter ½ tbsp

A pack of mix Chinese herbs I bought from super market, if you can't get it, you can substitute with Chinese five spice, if not, you are still good with the above seasoning.

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