Coogger API update | Coogger-python - V0.2.1 | How to use coogger-python

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Currently, the API service is accessible only to those who have the API_key, Now thanks to this new features Safer, Faster and More flexible

Before starting

Update the package:

pip install coogger-python -U

You can include each class in our project, as below.

from coogger.content import Conte


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Coogger is an ecosystem where is knowledge sharing network which can build web dapps and groups

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  • It was hard to find a line that was not touched. ;-)
  • Do my eyes deceive me or this is in twice?
  • No comments, except this # TODO: content_update buraya bak sayfa iki defa güncellenince içerik güncelleniyor but I can't read it.

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Thanks :), I will try to improve the comments.


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