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Who am I?

I am an electrical engineering student, I learned software from the internet and I try to make new projects or products constantly to improve myself, I think I learned the software in a shorter time by do like that.

The Story of Coogger Project

Before I started doing the project, I read the following advice from the internet: 'I think everyone should keep a blog, if they share any topics on they know, other people will know the topics too and people who share will have a note that will look after' I wanted to open my own blog site, but I must code it myself because I am a developer who encodes and reinforces the topics I have learned.

Then I thought, why do I only do a blog page for myself, must make a blog page for everyone, I think that everyone can learn everything if they write what they know.

Then the valerian film went into vision, there was a space station on the first scene of this film. All kinds of aliens communities come to this space station and were categorized according to their expertise. The aliens were doing their best work in this station and the technology and the station was developing fast on this track.

A few friends had shared content after I took to live the project. I was thinking of how they could make money people who share in Coogger, and I wanted to look for alternative ways of advertising. then I met steem and everything about my life changed, and then I had a great excitement because my dream could be real now, it could be a space station where communities come together, categorize their contents could share on any communities and make money for it.

What is coogger?

Coogger is a project which can work with communities, it provides them a steem blockchain-based web platform and management, In addition, users can share content from all coogger communities and earn STEEM, In addition, the project is open source.

The Steemkitchen community was the first community to work with coogger.

After the community settings were done immediately, and after connecting the domain address to the server, it started working with coogger.

Communities which works with coogger are connected to the same server and database, but they can behave differently according to communities rules. let's Check and

If you have a community but you do not have a steem blockchain-based web platform, you can contact me, We can be a great ecosystem by combining all communities in one place.




Contents can be shared any communities on coogger.

Authors write the content topic when selecting a category and language information, In this way, the contents shared is categorized.



Content cards.

some information is available on content cards, this information :

  • estimated reading time,
  • number of unique content views ( IP ),
  • number of page views,
  • number of replies,
  • content language,
  • content category,
  • pending payout,
  • date of sharing,
  • upvoted button,


The same topics can be listed in the same place and all can be seen on the same page.

Ex: my sass topic address:
sass topic of other users addresses: etc.
In the picture below you can see all of the topics I wrote in coogger.


Coogger has categories, languages, and topic to classify of contents which shared.

Coogger uses language, category, and topic options to categorize shared information. Authors write the content topic when selecting a category and language information, In this way, the contents shared is categorized.

for English contents:
for science contents: etc.
languages ,categories etc.

Filter feature was made to make the contents easier to find.

As you know, coogger aims to be a great ecosystem and information network platform by working with other communities and shared tutorial content, therefore it is really difficult to find the searched content find in this complex.

The filter feature helps us reduce this complexity.

How to use filter feature?

Main filter address is or
you can filter by using this address, example ;


Coogger has a bot named cooggerup.

When shared any content any communities on coogger and if it gets approved from coogger,steemkitchen ( communites moderators) moderators, users will get upvotes from users that have allowed cooggerup settings in the settings section.

sponsors must directly support coogger ( steem account and upvote bot) , it must support all shared content on coogger and 5% of incoming prise ( beneficiaries ) to account, distribute steem in this account to awarded to sponsors, 5% of community leaders and 5% of me ( so coogger ) total 15%.



For what the money will be used for

When shared any content any communities on coogger and if it gets approved from coogger, coogger bot upvotes these contents.

In short, money will be used to reward users.
Those who want to sponsor my project can support two types of the project.

  • 1 ) Steem-power delegation
    The first support method is to steem-power delegation to coogger account.

    1. Send steem/sbd
      The second support is method to send a steem/sbd to the coogger account.
      Steem-power will be leased with steems and sponsors will be rewarded throughout the lease period.

How long the project (pitch) will be open

This project will continue until I die.

What will be the rewards of donators/investors

5% of incoming prise ( beneficiaries ) to account, distribute steem with this account to award to sponsors.

let's examine the following template to better understanding.

Untitled design.jpg

Support coogger project with Steem Power Delegation:

100 SP |200 SP |300 SP |400 SP

500 SP |1000 SP |5000 SP |10K SP |20K SP |50K SP |100K SP

Posted on - A place where can become a web platform for any community and you can earn STEEM.
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