The Daily Convolution 010 - Topic: BITCOIN BREAKOUT IMMINENT!!?? ..Comment & Upvote All Comments!

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People have recovered from huge expenditures during the Christmas season, they have their bonuses, and they are full-o-FOMO-fo-the-ICOs!

This means that they are going to be buying a tonne of Bitcoin to get their money into the game ... or will they, what do you think!?


The ICO-zombie-army will be in/out of Bitcoin so quickly that the price will not increase significantly.

More people in the revolving door means higher price - I think we are due for a nice spike.

Bitcoin's bumpy ride is not yet over, thanks to the BCash terrorists.

Everyone should be buying one thing, and one thing only ...

Bitcoin's uneven ride isn't yet finished, on account of the BCash psychological militants.

vai max ektu too tham j jaga jay tui jhamela koros

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steem is the best coin in ever but you can tread with out bitcoin thats"y i also love bitcoin :)

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Bitcoin market currently shown bullshit down. I think BTC down more and more. Look at this current movement. It didn't past over $16,000.
In fact I decide to move some funds to EOS, Eth. EOS seems past days very positive gain. I can't predict about cryptocurrency. Its always changeable. I guess only.
EOS better one for me.

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