The Daily Convolution 007 - Topic: Blockchain Adepts Don't Go Casino ..Comment & Upvote All Comments!

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A Logical Conclusion?

  • Blockchain people are not idiots

  • Only idiots go to Casinos

  • Blockchain people don't go Casino!

Interesting article by some right-wing dude .. "I Spent 5 Years Studying Poor People and Here Are 4 Destructive Money Habits They Had" .. conclusions:

  • Gambling Habits

  • Poor spending Habits

  • Time-wasting Habits

  • Poor savings Habits


Yes...U can perfect day trade in btc....I think dont want casino....

STEEMing is the only game that I know of that you can expect a sure WIN! Stay home and STEEM, let wifey go with her silly girlfriends. ;-)

She just got back, $ 200 light; guess who has to make up the shortfall. Hate those f'n dirty places. :-)

No sure about the rest of y'all, but I win, but that's because I deserve to. keeekeee .. joking! No, don't be fooled, stay well away from these dens of villany.

I'm dont trust casino...
Fuckkkk casio.....

Actualy...I'm never trust casino...I think it is easy way earn money and loss money..

Blockchain is no Casino... Blockchain is the technologies that will shape the future :)

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