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in #convolution2 years ago

I mean, we all want to be cool when we get old, but is this not getting a little ridiculous!?

Paid shill, or crypto-visionary?

Paranoid rich dude who has an armed security guard camped in his living room, or ultra-realist who can literally see the future?

No matter what, John knows one thing very well, and he's damn good at it ... remaining relevant.


I would not take this man's advice on anything ... other than guns and ladies.

Has he said anything good about EOS? If not, f'im!

He has said good things about STEEM, go John!

Has he said anything good about NEO!? If not, f'im! lol

My best nightmares had John in them.


Paranoid looks like a hero

"we all want to be cool when we get old"- I agreed that. Lol :D


What about the promise about your dick?

Man, never mind Mcafee, Steven Seagal is pumping coins now! :-)



I hope Bitcoin only reaches 999.000$ by the end of 2020 just to see Mcaffee eat his own dick.

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