The Convolution 013 - Topic: Which Recent ICOs Will Survive, Which Will Not!!? ..Comment & Upvote All Comments!

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Roadkill Bag Holders, or Proud Future-Rich HODLers?

Of which ICOs that you have recently participated in, are you feeling hopeless about, or remain optimistic!?


I purchased a substantial amount of EtherParty, and I am not feeling good about it. I hope when their product is finished, and people begin to use it that things will turn around, and of course there is their partnership with Rootstock, which is hopeful, so they can help people work with BTC as well as ETH .. but given current conditions, you have to wonder if anyone will be interested in doing anything.

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bitcoin price my be down 5k..

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I obtained a significant measure of EtherParty, and I am not liking it. I trust when their item is done, and individuals start to utilize it that things will pivot, and obviously there is their organization with Rootstock, which is confident, so they can enable individuals to work with BTC and also ETH .. however, given current conditions, you need to think about whether anybody will be keen on doing anything.

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