Locking people up for lies

in #control4 years ago

We are all in an invented crisis that is ment to limit our freedom. I know that people are really buying what they are being said but I really cannot. I love to travel and I consider myself wise enough not to believe every bulshit I see without further checking. So for me this Covid19 is like a great code name for nativity. We believe so much what we are being told that we forgot the main reason we have been broth on this world is to question it. So I welcome here as well all the rage, I just want to raise a signal if is still possible. The pictures are from my neighborhood park where I went yesterday to hug some trees and find some sense.

Hugs and love,

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Finally someone talking sense. Couldn't agree more. Take care, T :) Not because of the pandemic, but the madness within it.

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