What is contractium?|What is CTU?|What's the relationship between ETHEREUM and CTU?

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What is Contractium?

Decentralized software that is built on Ethereum mart contract that assists people to develop smart contracts easily through web app, mobile and desktop is called Contractium. It eliminates the print contracts that need signature between 2 or more parties. This software assists business as online reward system or a payment gateway.

A block chain Application

It is intended with the real business inner network. This system enables users to develop smart contract affordably and easily. These contracts are created onto the Ethereum network. CTU token empowers these networks and business to change the way on which these systems offer bonus, rewards to their customers deploy smart contracts and make payments. It is an easy and user’s friendly way.

S-A-A-S- An internet Service

For guaranteed contract agreement, the contractium is internet service software. It offers a set of the integral features that are very helpful for the commercial users, marketplace and businesses. 

The user’s authentication through signatures of the cryptographic security.

Completely customizable system of payments that can create your own system of payment for the businesses.

 Hundred percent DDos resistant up time. Decentralized blockchain guarantee it.

You can store as much data as you want because of the no-fuss storage

 With ethereum it offers ultimate interoperability. 

Enjoy free zone of the Ethereum server. It is built on the blockchain that does not need to set up or maintain server.

The efficiency of the Contractium ether becomes easier and clearer with Ethereum. It works as functional deployment software. 

Opt-In commercial Smart Contract

It is a computerized transaction protocol that gives the contract terms. 

This is computer protocol that is integrated to enforce, verify and facilitate the performance and the negotiation of the contracts. In 1996, the Nick Szabo was the first who proposed the smart contract first. 

The prime objective is to give security that is premier to traditional contract laws. It is good to decrease other transactions and cost linked with contracting. This system is good for self-enforcing and self-executing. 

Ethereum is a stage that is built specifically to create and facilitate the smart contracts. 

It allows developer to program autonomous agents and their own smart contracts. These contracts are done in solidity. 

Ethereum is the process of mining Ether. It equals protecting the network that ensures confirmed computation. Ether is an essential for the smooth running of Ethrum platform because it serves as fuel. To motivate developers for, ether is an incentive. Every developer seeks to engage and uses smart contact on the Ethereum blockchains. It requires ether to proceed. It is known as fuel that increases the efficiency of Ethereum. It is not very expensive to run the transaction on the network as compared to buy Ether. A user can sell Ether after mining. 

What is CTU?

CTU is a platform that works with the international network and the global team. It believes in smartcontract and blockchain as the worldwide fintech industry. CTU is an essential fuel, element and the value of the contract to sign the commercial smart contracts on the contractium applications. This is type of the payment and the contract that is formed by contractee and contractors. It provides a solid platform both of them to book a service offline/online, place an order and proceed a deal. 

Why do we create CTU?

The blockchain technology of Ehtereum is based in the PoW on the proof of Work algorithm. It is planned to switch to PoS proof of stake. This is the reason to create Contractium. It is built in Ethereum with the PoC proof of contract algorithm. 

There are 2 ways by which a miner earns rewards to invest in the digital currency such as proof-of-stake (PoS) and Proof of Work. To discourage cyber-attacks like DDoS distributed denial of service attack; Proof of work is the ultimate solution. It is a protocol that has the objective to exhaust the resources of the system. In this process it discourages these attacks by releasing multiple fake requests. Before Bitcoin, the proof of work occurred. This is a user’s friendly method that increases the investment opportunity for the miners.

The proof-of-stake (PoS) is a diverse to confirm transaction based and attain the dispersed consensus and locking the quantity of coins or miner placing up a stake to verify the block of transaction. Its purpose is similar to the Proof of work and is an algorithm. But, the method to achieve the goal is a bit different. The producer of the new block is selected in a deterministic way depends on the wealth as well as explained as stake and there is no reward on block.

How are CTU created?

The rate of insurance and total supply of CTU is decided on the basis of the donations collected on the presale 2018. Some of the results are given below.

Nine hundred million CTU will be created for contributors of the Presale.

Two hundred million CTU are developed for the partners and team all over the world. 

Two hundred million CTU are developed to the fund and are handed over to the founding and developing teams as well as contributors.

Two hundred million CTU are developed for business experiences with the other platforms of business round the globe.

Who needs CTU?

Party A: The Role of the contractor



Wholes/ Retailers/ Vendor/ Suppliers/ sellers


Game Developers

Party B: The Role Contractee Role




Shopper/ Customers/ Vendee/ Purchaser/ Freelancer Buyer

Game Player

What's the relationship between ETHEREUM and CTU?

Without bitcoin, Ethereum is not possible. Both the currency and the technology are complementary with in the digital ecosystem. The Ethereum blockchain technology depends on the PoW Proof of Work algorithm. It is preparing to switch to PoS Proof of Stake. This is the reason Contractium is not possible without Ethereum. There are several ways in which CTU works with Ethereum.

It works as cryptocurrency exchange with 3rd party company to form the form the Eth and CTU exchange.

Works as freelancers for CTU

It works with multiple 3rd party companies like community sites, search engines, display networks, social media networks, social media, advertisers and publishers.

main website: https://contractium.io/

 ICO page: https://ico.contractium.io/

GitHub: https://github.com/contractium

YouTube clip for private sales: https://youtu.be/zT59_Yr6vVI

Product 1 (primary): https://tokenize.contractium.io/

Product 2: https://mvp.contractium.io/ 

Official Telegram channel for live help and updates: https://t.me/contractium

Twitter page: https://twitter.com/contractium

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