La Vendedor - Lession Five

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After a few more rounds of bitching, Franko had finally agreed to sell Karla to Joey and honor the maintenance contract. The exhilarated middle-aged salesman spat into his palm and did a wet handshake with his perpetual frenemy. Joey was ecstatic because he knew that this female robot would be his eternal goldmine. She could help grow his retirement wealth and make him the kingpin of robot sales in the good old USA before he took on the world.

“Looks like you have found your eternal spring dude.” jested Franko.

“What can I say, what can I say Frankie! I can feel my life turning around faster than an aircraft carrier, ain’t this nice or what?” remarked the cheerful Joey.

“So, what is your plan?” asked Franko skeptically.

“Well Frankie, why should you care, huh? You are going to hear about it in a few months, ok!” the middle-aged salesman responded.

“I see Joey, you selfish bastard! Looks like you are going to keep it all to yourself, right?” howled Franko.

“Hey man, you got your money and I got my robot, and besides, I’m buying you a burger lunch today so you should be grateful! Whatever happens with Karla has nothin to do with you Frankie baby, you dig!” Joey tossed the remaining French fries on the plate into his mouth.

“Fine then, you ungrateful SOB! I hope your project crashes and burns on its very first day.” cussed Franko.

Joey gave his frenemy a dirty look, shrugged off Franko’s vindictive omen, and left $40 on the table before heading towards the restaurant entrance.

“Adios amigo, it is time for me to get to work!” the middle-aged salesman waved his hand in the air as he was exiting the restaurant.

Joey quickly returned to his house so he could map out a sales route for him and Karla to embark on.

“Argh, money money money, lots of money! I just want money, haha!” laughed the middle-aged salesman hysterically.

Stay tuned.

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