The Easiest EASYDEX contest...@samest Presents...!!! EASYDEX & AIRHAWK-PROJECT AVATAR CHALLENGE...

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Dear Steemians,

Welcome...and Greetings!!!

Great content Creators, Artists, Artistes, Art Enthusiasts, Craftsmen and Ladies, and all lovers of beautiful things. It’s been an awesome week, right? Abosoloutly!!!


The Airhawk-Project Community has been very busy as usual, with our shows, contests and giveaways. We have been having maximum fun, yes? Yes!!!

Well, we are still pursuing, full maximum. We won’t stop giving you the best that steemit has to offer, and as a result we are here with a new contest.


We have had several talks on Easydex, several times, and if you are a member of our community, you must have heard me, @samest speak about it, as well, has invited those who are knowledgeable about it, hear me, and come share their knowledge on our discord server.

Well here I am, we have decided to do another contest once again. This one is all about Easydex today.


In a post, if you choose to accept and, participate in the contest, write everything you know and understand about the Easydex exchange, as well as the Airhawk-Project Community.

Use the Easydex logo and the Airhawk-Project logo to make an Avatar


  1. Upvote and resteem this post
  2. Use the Easydex, Airhawk-Project and Whaleshares in the post as tags.
  3. The contest will end, when, post payout reaches 7 days.


The best three posts will be awarded 10 Easydex.pb, 5 Ezira and 5 Whaleshares each.

So take out your pen and paper, get writing. May the muses be with you. See you on the other side.

Should you need some guidelines, articles for your viewing below...

Thank you


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Hello @samest

Thanks a lot for this opportunity.

Here is the link to my entry:



Thanks for your entry

Excellent post bud, keep the knowledge flowing!!!


Thanks buddy

I cannot participate, as I never heard of Easydex until it was mentioned on the #whaleshares curation show a few hours ago. I also have no clue what Airhawk-Project is, not what Easydex.pb or Ezira are. I will try to research these things, though, and wish you GOOD LUCK with your contest!



Oh really? Well is a great project with pool of reward... Ezira is new project and is like facebook but with reward. The difference between ezira platform and steemit is instant messaging concept.... You can reach me for more info.



Lets go easy

This is wonderful, and a good way to help our community. Here is the link to my post for the contest.kindly check it out.


Thanks for your entry

Good luck to everyone who enters the contest! Looks like a fun contest too! Upvoted :)


Thanks for commenting

Hope to snatch these goodies!!!


Lolzz still hoping.....

Well written bro... I hope i can put somethings together in my write ups!


Still hoping buddy?

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Hey how do I create the avatar

Let's go there. Easydex and airhawk collaboration. Mehn... Airhawk to the moon.


not too late... nice post dear


Entry acknowledged