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RE: The Deadpost Initiative! - Week 18 - Share your most undervalued work + week 17 winners ($10 SBD prize pool)

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I would like to offer this post of mine for consideration - it is a heartfelt photo blog of our family's move into land based homesteading life in Oregon. Thank you for checking it out, and for any follows and upvotes! I am glad to be connecting through this platform.

<3 e


A beautiful overview of your settling in for homesteading.

Loved the photos and the easy-to-digest description of the process. I also got to know that "queen-excluders" and "supers" are a thing in bee hives.

It is hoped that things are going a lot better in Oregon than in Costa Rica!

This has my vote. :c)

Yhats a beautiful life you’ve got there!

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