Steemmonsters card giveaway 04 / Winner announcement 03

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First of all i am announcing the winner of my previous contest
The Winner is @klismois


Today i am Giving away a rare steemmonsters card (JAVELIN THROWER) . Winner will be announced in my next giveaway post (next sunday 28.07.19)
Javelin Thrower.png


  • just leave a comment of your steemmonsters username
  • tag someone who might be interested in this giveaway
  • one person once comment

Winner chosen by using Steem comment picker

upvotes, resteems, and follows are not required

I want to thank all the users who have participated in my giveaways and I'd like to invite you and others to another giveaway !
@chireerocks @akumagai @chekohler @erikklok @tggr @dearw @phoenixwren @felipejoys @dragonblades @lighteye @mastersa @nmcdougal94 @morningshine @tattoodjay @nmcdougal94 @gillianpearce @akomoajong @d-zero
@quantumdeveloper @vcclothing @doggodfroglog @bitinvdig0 @rollie1212
@javiermurillo @bxlphabet @imagen @blueboar3 @sgbonus @bengy @gregan @monsterbuster @bitandi @jaylordlobitana @mrnightmare89 @chrismadcboy2016 @harlhana @atongis @lighteye @nmcdougal94 @fitinfun @alphajiggy

Greetings @voxmortis






@itharagaian is my player for the giveaway, and my spouse is the tagged @florenceboens

Good luck :)

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Thanks for the giveaway @chekohler and I tag @minimining to double team for the win

Good luck :)

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I'm the winner, yesss! thank you! 😍
@klismois tagging @stranger27

Good luck :)

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Thanks! @mastersa
Tagging @stever82

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Good luck :)

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thanks for the giveaway. my name is @dogcatcowpig
ill tag @volax

Good luck :)

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