Contest Kings Mega Prize Draw 1st December 2019!

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The Contest Kings prize draw specially rewards staked (CK) token holders monthly with 200 prizes being awarded each time.

These have included in past draws: Silver Bullion + Splinterlands Cards, Orbs and Booster Packs + SP Delegation + Steem Basic Income + Liquid Tokens!

A random generator website will be used to populate a list of all (CK) staked token holders names at 12:01 AEST 1st December 2019 and assign the appropriate number of tickets as shown further down the page.

This will then be matched up against the prize summary below then distributed 24 hours after the draw has taken place.

Raffle Prizes breakdown.png

RNG Position
Prize Awarded
1 to 3
3 Week Delegation: Archmage Arius Summoner
4 to 6
5 Week Delegation: 1,000 Steem Power
7 to 54
Splinterlands Essence Orb x 1
3 Week Delegation: Level 1 Legendary Shin-Lo
3 Week Delegation: Level 2 Gold Legendary Valnamor Summoner
3 Week Delegation: Level 2 Gold Legendary Peakrider Summoner
58 to 67
3 Contest Kings (CK) Tokens
68 to 88
1,000 SPT Tokens
89 to 200
Steem Basic Income Units x 2

How do the token tiers work.png

If a user has only 1 ticket into the draw this means it's only possible for them to win 1 of the offered 100 prizes when the draw has taken place.

Likewise if a user has 50 tickets into the draw they can win a maximum of 50 prizes if their account name was to appear in 50 of the possible 100 spots when the draw is resulted.

The great thing about our raffle is you don't need to buy new tickets next time, when staking the token at the tier levels below you just keep being eligible to win each time!

Looking over the tiers you will notice that the top two don't reward additional tickets, this is no error on our part but a way to unlock an additional bonus.

In our server we tag users often providing special deals, when this happens having a higher tier than another member of the community gives you first opportunity to opt into the bonus when offered at this level.

Tier Level
Tokens Staked
Tickets Into Draws

What is the contest kings CK token.png

The Contest Kings (CK) token has been created as a way to reward staked holders with prizes as part of a rewards based tier structure.

A finite amount of 1,000,000 will exist with no further being created via optional methods within steem engine.

If a holder wishes to power down a staked (CK) token this will take 30 days from the time of request and divided into 4 installments.

Any tokens that are being powered down will not contribute to the users tickets in the raffle.

Therefore it's only staked tokens that are factored in when allocating tickets for the featured draw.

How can I purchase and stake the token.png

The (CK) token was created on: and can be purchased by clicking here after logging into your token wallet.

We have set a fixed sale price for the bulk of tokens currently listed on the market.

After heading to the link above you will see each (CK) token for sale for 3 units of Steem within a bulk sell order.

There may be other orders for different prices as per the nature of the market but we will be keeping ours fixed at this indefinitely.

This means that if we see a fluctuation in the price of Steem we will not be changing the sale price of the bulk token sell order.

Therefore this fixed sale price will remain at 1 (CK) per 3 Steem moving forward.

A list of current staked token holders can be found on this link that is updated after each block on the chain.

When are the prize draws scheduled.png

The major prize draw will take place on the first day of each calendar month indefinitely.

How will I know if I have won.png

We will publish a post after each draw including names and allocated prizes within 24 hours.

What if I don't like or need the prize awarded.png

This could happen in instances where token holders may not have a use for the prize allocated.

The winner will have 24 hours from the draw to nominate another username for the delegation or prize before this is filled to the default account drawn.

This is to be done via a memo to our blockchain wallet in the following format:

"I wish to have my prize: xxxxxx from the @contestkings draw on 1st December 2019 assigned to the following username: xxxxxx for the time frame specified in the prize draw"

I have a question or need some help.png

Pop over to our Discord or add a comment below and we will get back to you.

Special mentions.png

We appreciate the support of our sponsors as we continue to help build the contest community on the steem blockchain.

A big shout out to @mattclarke for his donation of the steem power delegations for the draw.

We also have a new sponsor @brickmanbrad coming up big with a Shin-Lo delegation for 3 weeks.

If would like to help our growing community initiative don't hesitate to reach out.

Thanks for reading and good luck!


Less than a week to go, make sure you get those tokens staked!

Good luck to all the tokens holders.

ARCHMAGE ARIUS is super useful! Thanks for putting together such an awesome package again. I have been using Arius - here's a shout out to Contest Kings and ArchMage Arius

I will miss him, I can only hope to win another delegation for December!

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Does staking play any other usage roles?

Hey 👋 staking the token is just for the monthly draw at this stage.

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@contestkings, I am really excited for this. Keep up these boosting and encouraging contests team. Stay blessed.

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