Contest Kings Giveaway 30th December 2018 - Steem Monsters Gold Minotaur Warrior!

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Contest Kings is a project that promotes high quality giveaways on the steem blockchain that contain a "No Follow, No Re-Steem, and No Upvote required" eligibility criteria for participants.

This page is a partnership between three members of the community including @o07 from Australia and @dkid14 & @shoemanchu from the United States.

As part of eligibility authors will also need to have a guaranteed prize on offer for the winner.

Example of things that fall into this category could be but not limited to: Liquid Steem, SBD, Steem Power Delegation, SBI Shares, Steem Monster cards, Physical Gifts.

Things that will not be accepted: Free Resteem, Post Promotion, and Percentage of post payout.

We want the "White List" to be full of different communities including: Steem Monsters, Cooking, Photography, Art or Drawing, Sports, Comedy, Music, Gaming.

It's real simple, join our Discord server by clicking here and tag @o07 in the general chat for access. Then each time you do a contest post with the eligible criteria drop it in the dedicated room for us to review. This will then be added to @contestkings daily post on the following day for the community to see and track.

Minotaur Warrior_gold.png

To be in the running just tell do you have new years resolution?

Winner chosen at random, with no RNG needed from our end.

Prize will be sent within 48 hours of post completion.

Pop over to our Discord or add a comment below and we will get back to you.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Nope. No sense making promises to myself that I won't keep

wow thanks. where do I find it at? Sorry.. better question I want to gift it to someone. How do I do that?

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You just received a 100% upvote from @rewards-pool. Thank You for being apart of the @rewards-pool community

Not this year. I always forget to follow my resolutions, so I decided not to have any this year.

Yes, lose some weight, like every one else.

Be a more influential Steemian in 2019

My New year's resolution is to finally bust into the steem Monsters gold league!! Mwahaha!

Yeeeaaahhh.... it might be something "weight" related... again lol

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nope. I gave up doing New Year's resolutions yonks ago.

New years resolution is to exercise more.

I tend to make them, and then procrastinate them 😁 So... no resolutions this year!

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Yes, it will definitely be losing weight... As I eat another cup cake. 🤣🤣🤣

I want to reach dolphin rank on Steemit in 2019 :)

Yes I have some resolutions but it's too private gor me

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Made my resolutions on my birthday and am currently still on track. So maybe my only resolution is to keep on going :P

Just wanna grow on steemit. Tgats my only new years rev

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Be more active on the Steem blockchain :)

Yes! I'm excited for some things that will come.

Yeah, kinda I'd say.

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I want to become a dolphin by the end of 2019

Not really...

No resolutions, just conflicts:)

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Going to concerts!

To graduate the college with success and then travel as much as I can! :)

Stay alive

spend less time at the computer and play more sports

This year I need to learn how to play guitar.

earn lots of money! haha


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To be rich

No. I am tired of not fulfilling past resolutions...


i wouldn't say so

Find the time to Play more Steem Monsters :-D