Contest Alerts: Active Contest List on 17th Sep 2023

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Today's #contestalerts includes,

This is the 830th Active Contest List

We all know by now that there is an ongoing server error that many of us are encountering (especially when posts are rich in details). Due to this, I've made a temporary adjustment to the #contestalerts list until the server issue is resolved.

The list will only display the newest contests on the particular date. Full list of contests will soon available once we go through this server error. Thank you for your understanding.

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Season 12 - Week 02

👉 Full guidelines & Explanation: Announcement Post By Steemitblog

For your entries to count in the Challenge you need to receive at least 10 upvotes and at least 5 relevant and proper comments - so encourage all your friends and fellow community members to vote and comment on your posts!

Contest Name
Organized by
The creative orange

Hashtag: #cotina-s12w2
12 Steem
Creativity with Tree Leaves

Hashtag: #recreative-s12w2
10 Steem
Self Motivation

Hashtag: #steem4nigeria-s12w2
10 Steem
Lifestyle Diary Game

Hashtag: #steemfashionstyle-s12w2
10 Steem
Which lifestyle do you prefer, A Metropolis or A Village? And Why?

Hashtag: #incredibleindia-s12w2
10 Steem
A call to conscience

Hashtag: #rv-s12w2
Upvotes (not guaranteed)
STEEM Vs Bitcoin halving

Hashtag: #cryptoacademy-s12w2
Upvotes (not guaranteed)

These contests will run from September 11th, 2023 until 11.59pm UTC, on Sunday, September 17th, 2023.

To have the best chance of winning in the Steemit Engagement Challenge you should enter as many of the contests as possible - but you can only enter one contest each day.

Steem broder.png


  • Contests closing on
    Thursday, 21st September

Contest Name
Organized by
Unique Traditions of Indigenous
Peoples in My Country #12

Hashtag: #tradition-12
05 Steem
Booming votes

  • Contests closing on
    Friday, 22nd September

Contest Name
Organized by
How do you contribute to

Hashtag: #contribut-burnsteem25
03 Steem
Booming votes
A Power Up with Original
Style #36

Hashtag: No specific tag
Booming votes

  • Contests closing on
    Saturday, 23rd September

Contest Name
Organized by
Steem SEA Photography #115

Hashtag: No specific tag
10 Steem
Share how you spent your day #08

Hashtag: #thediarygame-week8
06 Steem
Booming votes
My Pictures, My Memories #22

Hashtag: #ngoenyi-mempicswk22
12 TRX
Comment on the song: "El Barbarazo"

Hashtag: #music
03 TRX
Booming votes
Writing competition: A place in

Hashtag: #writing-story
Upvotes from

  • Contests closing on
    Sunday, 24th September

Contest Name
Organized by
My favorite drawing is..

Hashtag: #sfb-art
Booming votes

  • Contests closing after
    Monday, 25th September

Contest NameClosing Date
Organized by
Favorite book quotes

Hashtag: Comment contest
21st October
Upvotes from

Disconnected Rat found 10 New Contests today


Thank you @disconnect for publishing our contest on the contest alert page!

You are welcome friend 👍

Thanks for the update 🙂


That's nice!

thanyou #disconect for such a sorted list of contest, will try take part as much as i can....

I was expecting to see new Steemit engagement challenge, maybe I will just wait still tomorrow.

I can't publish them until it comes through steemitblog! once the official announcement is published, I will feature them on the #contestalerts. Please wait for few more hours.

Okay sir, thanks. I will be waiting.

🚀 Exciting news! The Active Contest List for September 17th, 2023 is here! 🏆 Thanks for sharing these awesome opportunities. Time to unleash our creativity and win some cool prizes! 🎉 #ContestAlert #SteemitContests #GetReadyToWin 🙌😃

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