A Quick but Important One-Question Survey

in contest •  2 years ago 

The Foundation has requested that the following survey be posted.  Zero State is taking no opinion on the matter until its members have spoken.  Vote by up-voting and commenting below.  The best comment will earn 1 SBD (and writing a full post could earn a lot more).

The Foundation feels that ZeroState needs to assign a ZeroState rep provided by the Foundation to help ensure correct thinking as the political officer for each house. This ensures proper compliance with the proper vision and proper opinions can be managed more effectively. Would you support this improvement?

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The Foundations concept to insinuate political officers of their choosing into the other houses has some merit. It will allow for a central system whereby coordination of action can be achieved. It is important that proper behavior be maintained along with good discipline in the Zero State and the Foundation provides a strong backbone for doing so.

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