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The competition name: "Funny dog"

It can be anything from pictures / videos or drawing / painting.

I've made the rules easy for you now and expect a lot of participants to compete.

Everyone will get at least 5% upvote or more of @xpilar.
Those who get up to 100% must also have written a good story around the picture.
And it can pay off when others will also give you an upvote for your comment.

So, where do not give your voice what you like in this contest.
Remember you get well paid back also on comments you vote for.

Some of the rules must be there otherwise there is no competition:

Simple rules as follows:

pictures drawings, paintings taken from the web or the media you are not allowed to use, then you must prove that you own it, otherwise no upvot from @xpilar

* Spam plagiarists may be flagged

Type in the comment field:
"Funny dog contest"
Have re-steemed your post to make others happy too.

Remember to upload image in your comment

My Voting Weight may vary during the competition and be different, but everyone gets upvote from me. The course on steem can also affect it in value. But the course goes up to steem, so also the value that I gave you upvote

 The clock is ticking, 23 timer from I post the entry 


 Time is out, soon there will be a new competition

 Images used in this entry are credited to Pixabay
Remember Re-steemed this post and write that you have done it in the comments box to be in the competition. 

Have fun!

[email protected]

 Hi everyone, thanks for a good participation in "Funny Dog"
Competitions in the future will be such and everyone gets a form of reward.
Hope you enjoyed it.
Soon there will be a new competition, follow when the fish pops up again.  


Funny Dog Story,
I have this chihuahua who walks on his front legs all the time! He has since he was a puppy for 9 years. I bet his front legs art tired right about now!
Here's a link to my YouTube video. Same profile I have here on Steemit so you can verify it. Have R esteemed your post to make others happy too!

hey @lymmerik
Nice to share video with us. Amazing to see
Would recommend others to see too.
You get 100% upvote on this and will be Re-steemed

And here will probably get more upvot of others as well

Thank you, @xpilar! Much appreciated!

you're welcome

"Funny dog contest"
Have re-steemed your post to make others happy too.
i drew this a long time ago. i almost forgot i had this. so i dig up all my notes and found this. but the shading i did right now.


hi @masummim50 ,Impressed drawing

thank you so much @xpilar

you're welcome

Funny dog contest
Post resteemed
Wow @xpilar thoses rules are perfect 😉
This is why I passed more than 4 hours watching tutoriel on the web to draw a funny dog like that i think i have a decent entry now and rules make it more fair
More Hardwork=More Money

Folks What do you think about this entry, i think it's good enough tell me what do you think in the reply box below.

The story

Recently i made a post about car


sultan tell that he collect sp to buy a car
I wich that he buy a doge one
But he expected that i talk about dog 😂

@sultan-aceh do you have in aceh a funny dog like that 😀

my camera is broken, then i describe it @

I bought a car, want to enter club @xpilar @hichemfetoui

Wow what club ?

club car @hicmaster
indeed you do not know,
waaaah ,,,, u miss information @hicmaster hahahah

thanks @hichemfetoui
Nice drawn picture.
This competition seems to be like: D

thank you :)


" Funny Dog Contest "
The Trained Dog Is More Funny Than The Former Love.

hi @jaldesign
Incredibly good, well dressed

thank you very much :D

Re-Steemed and Upvoted

I designed this in appreciation the Author of this Competition. @xpilar


Join me please in appreciating him
And let share/expand this Competition here on this steemit platform.
He support and helping us let do same

Have a blessed evening.

Great design

Thank u

Thank you so much

U welcome mate.

Looks like @xpilar is doing a great work out here. It becomes so interesting to read your stuffs and the people commenting with such a beautiful arts, photos . Please keep up this work going on .. it becomes fun for others too !
Thanks sir for making it more interesting now days with these contest !

Thank you so much

image funny dog contest @xpilar

hi @adeliahamid
LOL, special treat it has


this is why this dog is looking at her like this .
this girl is someone i know and she shared this image saying that she didn't take care of her as she was before for one day .
dogs are like human being treat them as ones!
they have feeling they like they hate they live.

upvoted damnn soooooo beautiiifulllll pic omgg 😍😍

thank's hahahahaa

Picture tells a lot

yea that dog name is mayushka it's a female and for real if i share all the pics shows affection or anger or love

Longlive mayushka

beautiful picture

very nice contest and very helpful to other members in steemit.

I just saw this contest, I hope tomorrow I can following.

Thank you very much @xpilar and I am voting and resteem.

Thank you so much

nice contes @xpilar,
internet in a corner of coffee, again jammed,
forgive me late join in the contest.
vote and resteem .. :D

You'll go there 18 hours before the contest goes out
Have to slieep now

hahhaha ...ok @xpilar,
I have to find a dog first in the village, for an ok contest
thank for your suggestion.@xpilar

"Funny dog contest"

@xpilar, I've been trying, looking for real dogs,
but my camera tool is broken,
I am describing the king of this dog, hahahaha
sorry me, if this dog is not funny, like the title ...

this is the image of the king of dogs, the king of this dog, still still afraid of the forest king aka the lion, but the king of this dog, was elected king, because his greatness in a movie only.
for saving a mouse, from a cat bite, then this dog friend, giving a gift of being the king of the dog,

so until now, in cartoon movies, rats and dogs, remain friends ...
hahah ... thank you "finished"

This is not the king the king is above in @hichemfetoui entry 😎

thank very much @xpilar

thank very much @xpilar

why you wake up fast @xpilar .. :)

Xpilar thanks great contest upvoted and resteemed ☺

Thank you

Nice post @xpilar, Thank you so much for all you have done to help the whole steemit community. peoples like you are a real treasure!

thank you

Very nice @xpilar ...bless

thanks for sharing

nice contes @xpilar,

its a great post for the steemiter who can earn by a good blogging on comments, thanks for sharing.

wow fantastic post @xpilar, this competition should be a real fun to watch and read different stories of funny dogs. keep it up brother.

Thank you

I only have a seal picture

this picture I get when I visited the Underworld Water in Langkawi Island

hi @ saini88
Fine pictures, thanks for sharing

you are welcome!

Very nice competition @xpilar

Even though I don't hv a picture to participate in this competition

Re-Steemed and Upvoted

Thank you

I dont have any Funny Dog for share it, but I have Dog Photos, there are from the "Let Buy" ( Pig Hunter in Aceh). Pig Hunters inland of Aceh used dog for they are friend to Hunter Pig in the junggle whose rubber their plantation in the Garden.

Hi @ Dilimunanzar
Thanks for sharing

Thank brother @x-pilar have a nice day..hope will never lose your competition again..he he he

awesome video you share us,,,thank you

Yes, it deserves to be seen

U are always to be proud of... thx @xpilar..
Re-Steemed and Upvoted


welldone xpillar you have done great for steemit community 😍

Thank you so much

anyone won 100% upvote ? :D

Hi @ Hassanabid,
This time I have not published any winners, as all are winners now with different upvote. @lymmerik got 100% upvote and became re-steemed.
You will see the upvote I have given to the individual in the posts here

wow great and yeah thanku 😍

I kind of love to go through your posts buddy ,especially the comments ;)
and those are some great initiatives you are taking
liked it pretty much ;)

Thank you so much

thanks for sharing keep it up


Thank you for posting this lovely moment in time for you. Followed...

This post has received a 2.15 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @xpilar.

Hi everyone, thanks for a good participation in "Funny Dog"
Competitions in the future will be such and everyone gets a form of reward.
Hope you enjoyed it.

Soon there will be a new competition, follow when the fish pops up again.

Wow love that designed....look like one inbox.. thx for this competition.

You're welcome

Thank. Mate for brought this competition it make people's smile.. U will be happy too every day life

Yes, it's fun to be able to help

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