10000 Steem Power Delegation with 33 winners Contest No.6 (War Field Special + Special Guest Jayboi)

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I will be delegating 10000 Steem Power for 3 weeks to 33 lucky winners. 1st Place 2500Sp, 2nd Place 1500Sp,
3rd Place 1000Sp, 4th-13th Place 200Sp; 14th -33th Place 150Sp

To participate you need to:

  1. Follow @xemurai and resteem this Post
  2. Upvote last 3 Posts in my blog
  3. Join the blockchain game War Field https://bit.ly/2NpgDa3 and send screenshot as prove
  4. Join @Jayboi contest https://bit.ly/2D4Qg4i

Only who full fills all 4 requirements will be eligible to participate

What is War Field?
WAR FIELD is a fully-functional, action-packed multiplayer first-person shooter game with a blockchain-driven gaming economy that uses tradeable Ethereum-based cryptographic GLDR Tokens you can buy, sell, trade, and win for skilful play.

"I say luck is when an opportunity comes along and you're prepared for it."
-Denzel Washington



Be very careful here everyone, as this poster doesn't currently hold 10k SP to delegate to anyone.

In no way am I saying he isn't honest or accurate and many of you may have a relationship with this user.

If you don't know and trust him it is a bit risky to follow links from unknown users.

That’s is true that I currently don’t hold them on steemit but this is due to maintenance of steem wallet on bittrex exchange so don’t worry until today I always fulfilled my promise

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I was just thinking that someone should do a video on this... Awesome! You should consider making a step by step vlog on this for people to be able to follow along with the steps as well as additional ideas you might have. I wish people would think #Steemit through on something you mentioned in this video. We should all help each other be successful. Doing this not only reciprocates the support, but everyone becomes successful together. And even further, #Steemit then becomes more popular.

your idea sounds interesting could you explain it a little bit more what kind of videos do you mean?

I did it all :) And also i did other quests for extras

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  • Telegram
  • Refer a Friend
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  • and others !

Waiting for confirmation :)


Thanks a lot !

Hello sir, I have just upvoted your last three post, joined @jayboi's contest , resteemed this post, followed you both and also joined war field. Below is my screenshot to prove


I have done all the task,also just joined the game


Done it



great contest

  • Done

I have completed all the 4 steps, here is my screen shot.
Screenshot (387).png

Done sir. Thanks a lot for the awesome contest.



Thank you for the info. I'll check it up.

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