[NEW] People Photography by Worldcapture Week #11 - [10 Steem + Bonus Prizepool]

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Good day everyone!


After another successful week with 37 entries I proudly announce Week #11 of my Peoplephotography Contest.

As the last round was super successful in terms of the entries I decided to keep the 10 Steem Prizepool for you!

Please make sure to check out my post from yesterday to see our Winner announcement Week #10


The only thing I ask you guys is to spread around this contest to your friends, family or who ever you think should participate in this contest ;). As this contest is sponsored to 100% out of my pocket the amount of entries really helps to continue and grow this contest. Cheers!


Portraits , Streetphotography , Culture- Photography.. etc. - Every photo where your focus was on people counts!



  • (1) entry per person per week
  • Only use your own work
  • Use the tag - #Peoplephotography
  • No nude photography
  • Separate post for your entry (not in the comment section)
  • Tag me in your post @worldcapture (As this will help to grow this contest)
  • Use "[your text] - Peoplephotography by worldcapture Week #11" for your title (Helps me to organize everything more easy and also to reach more attention for the contest)
  • Post your entry link down below on this post
  • Be so fair and say Thank you when you win something (That's all I ask for)



15 STEEM100%
22 STEEM100%
31.5 STEEM100%
41 STEEM100%
50.5 STEEM100%
Joker0.3 STEEM50%



The Joker will be randomly picked under everyone who participated excl. Top 5

Nomination Bonus

You can also Nominate a Person to join the contest and in case the Nominee wins u will receive 1 STEEM
Example: Person A nominates Person B to join the contest - Person B joins the contest and wins - Person A will receive 1 STEEM for nominating Person B.
Please leave the name of your nomination on this post in the comment section and get a 30% Upvote just for dropping a name :)

Example Post


... (your title) - Peoplephotography by worldcapture week #11

Your Image
.... by @worldcapture
Tag: Peoplephotography
Week #11 starts right now and will end on Thursday 14-12-2018 08:00 Central European Time - Good Luck!

I hope you all have a great start into a new week!
Chris (worldcapture)

If you have any suggestions, ideas or want to support this contest, feel free to have a chat with me in the comment section or on discord "worldcapture#1332"


Thanks to @travelfeed & @photofriend to let me host this contest in their Discord Groups - Make sure to check them out!

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Absolut great capture! Thanks for participating again! :))

Hi @worldcapture here is my entry for week #11 Thank you for supporting the steemit community !!




Such a lovely capture! It made me smile, thanks for that :))


There you go a nice Sunday smile is good for you , my pleasure !!

Hi @worldcapture, here is my entry for this week edition ;)

"Alone in Rome"



Thank you and good luck to all the participants!


This is my entry for week #11 Thank you @worldcapture for this brilliant contest :)

People Photography by Worldcapture Week #11 - Young Girls of Japan !!



Wow! Such a colorful capture! Great entry @hagin - Thanks for participating again :))


Thank you Chris my pleasure :)

I nominate @sibr.hus.


Thanks for the nomination!

I nominate @soroka74


Fantastic entry!


Thank you!


Welcome :))

Thanks @worldcapture for the contest again! Here's my entry this week.

Lady in White

20170625_Tokyo Japan_390.jpg

In a suburban Tokyo park, a Lady in White stands unmoving, silent and contemplative. She is enigmatic and eerie at the same time.
Part of the Publicly Private series.

My entry here!

Hi @worldcapture!

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Thanks :))


Han Hao! Xiè Xie for participating :))

People Photography by @worldcapture Week #11 - Street Musician

Street photography. A portrait of young musician taken on the narrow street of Tallinn Old City (Estonia). Was there with my friends for two days of photographic lectures and contest.
So had good chance to walk around the place with perfect examples of architecture and people on the streets.

Natural light only. Some post-production and B&W conversion in LR

Enjoy :)


Be sure to click on the image to view full screen!



Such a cool dude! Great capture ! Thanks for participating again :))


Great entry! Wow! Thanks for participating again :))


Nice one ! Great capture! Glad to see you participating again!


Thank you. I enjoy this contest very much!


Very cool shot, Ross! :)


Hi. Thank you! I shot a quick sequence that's really cute of this girl jumping up and down : )


I look forward to seeing those then... :)

A contest in which People are the protagonist and the main attraction? Great idea! Of course I re-estimate it, I promote it and I will participate in it... and I will become a loyal follower

Greetings from Venezuela ;-)


That sounds great! Thanks for the support and welcome to my weekly contest! :))


Fantastic entry. Thanks for participating! :))

Hi! Greetings to Chris and all you friends... This is my first participation in this great contest...
WP_001316 (2).jpg


Wow, what a great entry! Thanks for participating :))

Hello @worldcapture, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!


Wow! Thank you very much much for the support @creativecrypto ! I highly appreciate it!


Great capture! Thanks for participating :))


Nice one ! Thanks for participating again :))


Great entry as always! Thanks for participating again :))

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Great entry! I really like this capture :)) Thanks for participating !


Thanks! :)

Wow, so beautiful and wonderful pictures you taken. So, nice to see your post after so long time coz, I was suffering from fever so I can't continued my work on steemit. ☺
Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post with us.💙💜💜


Hey dear @stardivine :)) Oh, that dosen't sound good! I hope you are feeling better now? Thanks for your kind post, I hope you are well! <3


Sorry, for late replying. Yes, I'm feeling better now after so many days. Good to see that you are posting regularly which gives me inspiration to write a post and as you know the steem price is continuously decreasing.. But I believe that the price will soon rise up.
Thanks my dear friend @worldcapture.💙💚


No problem, just take your time :)) I think as well that the price will raise in future, we just need to keep going and not give up :)) Hope you have a great day <3<3

amazing your post friend,really great photofeed @worldcapture


Thanks :))

Almost missed this.. :)
Here's my entry for this week... Do click the image for a fullscreen view...
Cheers, and thank you!!




Wow! What a great entry! Thanks for participating again! :))


Thanks! :) A pleasure!!