TRAVEL PRO PRICE IS RIGHT GAME! #1: Snickers Chocolate Bar - Kiev Ukraine (play and win steem!)

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Simply guess the price of the item recently purchased in the given location. The contestant who comes closest wins one steem token.

Leave your guess in the comments in US dollars. The correct price and the winner will be announced and sent their prize the following week.


Location: Kiev Ukraine

Item: Snickers! Three 37.5g bars, 112.5 grams of Snickers!

Thanks for playing!

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Don’t eat that it’s not healthy!


I know what you mean, sometimes I just can't help myself!

Oh my gosh, I clicked on this post, simply because there was a snickers image. I want one so badly... I think it's high time for lunch...

I'll throw in a guess though, seeing as that is the whole point of this post. Let's see, based on location, it should probably be a little less expensive than it is here in the Netherlands... I wouldn't know the price here either though, so that's not much help! Ehm... $0.95.


Hey! So glad you found me and my new game. There will be plenty more Travel Pro Price of Right Games to come! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Thank you for playing along! Have a great day! -Dan

I love this game! Haven´t seen anything like that on Steemit yet :)

Since Ukraine is certainly a "pay-less-get-more" country, I think you got this bar for as cheap as 0.75 $ :)


Thanks Petr! Travel Pro's think out-side the box! Pay-Less-Get-More....ALL DAY EVERY DAY! :)

Holy moly! I know you love these. I'm guessing $3.25 usd :)


I certainly do! Thanks for playing Sharon!

The price of this bar is 22 hryvnia or 85 cents at our dollar rate in Ukrain.
Цена такого батончика у нас 22 гривны или 85 центов по нашему украинскому курсу доллара.


Nope! Not where I got it. But right now you're the closest. ;)


The exact price is difficult to specify, because our prices are different. It can be 19 hryvnia, 19.5 and 20 ... It was just interesting to answer. Good luck with your journey!


You're cheating, you're from Ukraine! lol....It's all good. I've never seen anyone from Ukraine on Steemit. Didn't expect such an official answer, especially right away. You surprised me. However I'm happy to have you play my new game. You're welcome to play and view my blog any time. Seriously...THANK YOU!

This game is an awesome idea! I'll go with 0.99$

I'm guessing 0.68c @world-travel-pro. 😁


Hey Gill! Thanks for playing!

No idea. When I spent a month in Crimea in 2007, I had no idea how much anything costs as I couldn't take my eyes off the gorgeous checkout girls....however, I will hazard a guess at $1.36 cents USD


PS why is it spelt hryvnia when I seem to recall the currency being pronounced 'grovni' are am I mixed up with something or somewhere else?


haha. I've been thinking that same thing since I got here. I really have no idea! lol Thanks for stopping by and playing my new game. Many more Price is Right games to come! And yes indeed gorgeous girls here, in fact I got myself a lovely girlfriend from here in Kiev. Smart and beautiful :)

Dan, I feel that I know you pretty well and I think you are not going to blow the budget on a snack that offers zero nutrients. My guess is $0.65 USD.


You do know me pretty well! Thanks for playing Steve!

I'm guessing .45 USD! great game idea!


Thanks Statman. Good guess!

Love this about 82cents USD?


Thanks Ruth. Glad to see you stop by and play along!

I think it costs about 65 cents US.


Another great guess. Thanks for participating Cici!

Стоимость такого батончика колеблется от 16 грн до 23 грн, около 59 центов.


Sorry buddy. I can't read that.

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