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Hey everyone,

Thank you for the suggestions I got from my contest over the weekend.

For today I am calling all artists. I want a photography of something that you painted. I know there are talented people on here who have made works of art. But even if you are not and want to share something you made for fun please do. I will be giving three upvotes for the winners and some runner-ups. Bonus points if you paint something geeky :p.

You also have to resteem this post (please spread the word as more contests come out). And an upvote is always appreciated :)



Hi @whatageek, here I leave my entry considered one of my great work that I have had more sastifacion with the result is done with charcoal a technique that requires a lot of patience, delicacy and neatness when working made in a cardboard of block mondigliani 32x47cms work entitled The desire transmitted in a hug.

see the process here:

DSCN6221 - copia.jpg

What a fascinating surreal piece.

Nice contest, mate. Let me show ya my latest painting, and only painting I love, because I'm actually on the pencil and ink side. But I wanted to draw on a big canvas this time, but my ink is too expensive to put on a big canvas like A2, so I just stood up to myself and took out my acryil Paint and started to paint this. Be careful with scorpions, their sting hurts and the pain can last very long ;)
hugs'n'rdugs, lola <3

Not just because of the quality but you brought your own style to it.

What a great idea @whatageek! so I'll take the opportunity to share a drawing I made a few days ago, in fact it's something geek, it's Nebula, the antiheroine of guardians of the galaxy, I wanted to give it a geometric touch and was inspired by the cinematographic representation of the MCU, I hope you like it.
You can see the whole process by clicking here

You really like these kind of contest, don't you? Because I do. :)

I actually like paint things related to World of Wacraft; most of my paints are done in digital media. But today I want to share something different I really enjoyed while I was painting it.


This is a photo of a friend of mine, I added to her Cat ears and facial painting like the Miqo'te race of Final Fantasy Online. So yes, I basically painted my friend, and then added the cat ears!

I would like to share my World of Warcraft paintings too, but I need to create something better :)

I spent some time in FF online. Please share your w.o.w. paintings too :).

Sure! Thank you. This is the last one I painted but right now I'm working on another one.

He is a blood elf death knight with the tier18 set.

a brilliant mind of the comic, leaving a legacy of stories of characters that at some point we wanted to become them. Which one do you want to become and why? (theme for one of your contests) hahaha


We will definitely be having some more super hero contests, thanks for entering.



Shy girl.😊

Hello this my entry

Hi! Here I present a drawing made by me of an expandable model for my house in which I had to have a lot of creativity and notions of architecture.
Use the AUTOCAD 2010 program which has many tools on which I supported myself to complete this work.
I hope you enjoy it ...

Architectural drawing by: @nachomolina

Hello @whatageek I am very excited about your proposal, thank you for this excellent opportunity.
This is a drawing I made a while ago. I hope you like it!



Hey! Hello @whatageek, I hope you are well, thank you very much for this opportunity, really, that this type of contests must be repeated more often. I will show you my work inspired by The Black Widow of the Avengers, it is one of my favorite characters. I hope you like it, kisses!
NuevoDocumento 2018-11-06 (4)_1.jpg

Well done :)

Art have always been one of the thing i love and drawing also. I hope my own art wins it all.



Hello greetings, excellent friend idea to promote talent in Steemit. here I leave my contribution.
NuevoDocumento 2018-10-23 (1)_1.jpg

wao, I congratulate the participants, they really draw very well! ... as I do not know to draw ... I will participate with a quill I did for the day of the indigenous resistance in my daughter's school ... I I did and I painted it ... 😊


I really like painting with water colours.

Ciao, this is my drawing ... :))


@jacinta.sevilla. Check this out. ☺️

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I draw this to learn some tools in the software Inkscape.