The Devil is in the Details (XPILAR’s B&W Photo Contest, Week 071)

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The Devil is in the Details

This imposing Art Nouveau stained glass piece caught my attention during a photoshoot at Château Charles. Intended (I presume) to be a vase of fruits and flowers (which is quite clear in colours), shooting the glass partition in black and white revealed a whole different story. Coincidence?

This glass wall partition is located between the lobby and the main staircase of Château Charles, a French castle nestled between the hills of Pepinster, a small town of Southern Belgium.

Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway, a relaxing break, a conference venue or an exclusive location for your wedding reception or a party with friends, its unique position and luxurious settings (…) are guaranteed to satisfy all your needs.

— Château Charles’ website

Photo Specs

CameraNikon FE2
LensNikkor 50mm f / 1.8
FilmIlford HP5 Plus (400, 35mm)
DevelopedAt the lab (Germany)

Please, tell me I’m the only one seeing a demonic face in this image. 😅

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