Complete The Sentence Contest #1

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To make it more fun, please:

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"Don't worry, man. Roseanne is back! Everything is going to be OK now!"

"Take the stairs to get down." Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 12.27.13 PM.png

"I just saved 15% on my car insurance."


You just made me LOL!

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"We have internet again !!!"

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Buahahahahah ... that is hilarious!



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I'm sorry. I'm not a SCAM. I'm a victims of Scam

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@abbyrich thx for the advice! on my way already to become a steemionaire, with my base start of 0.1 Steem

-let me do it first dude-

"Let me hold the bottle"

The police won't stop asking me why I let you jump through my window.

"I Got the preview of the final season of Game Of Thrones!!"

"Steem Dollar is raising again"

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I'm sorry. I'm not a SCAM. I'm a victims of Scam

"Steem is up today!"

Hello @vickyko,

Thank you for this great prompt and welcome to Steemit!

Here is my official entry:

"Steemit prices just skyrocketed and FIAT finally crashed ... We are millionaires!"

Respectfully submitted, @eaglespirit

"Bitcoin is rising again!!!
No need to jump now!"

Hang on bro,life's too sweet for this

The Divorce papers were a Prank, You're on candid camera

I see you also found steemit, eh? But dude, i found a higher building, lets go there and give it another try.


O hell, this is 5 months old how did i get here...

someone commented and it's not a bot.

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She said it was a huge misunderstanding, she's on her way home!

Who's going to take care of the cat?

"They brought more beers"

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