50,000 Vice Industry Token Giveaway!

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Vice Industry Token is already airdropping VIT to steemians, but we want to share the love EVEN MORE!

So we decided to do a token giveaway here on Steemit! Ten Lucky Winners will receive 5,000 Vice Industry Tokens! - Yes, you heard that right!

The Contest is Simple, Here are the rules!

  1. Follow @ViceIndustry

  2. Upvote and Resteem THIS Post

  3. Leave us a comment, letting us know your BEST Ideas for the Vice Industry Token Platform!

  4. Earn a SECOND Entry By Sharing this Post on Twitter, Using the Hashtag #VIT

The contest will run until the conclusion of our Crowdsale, on March 20th!
We can't wait to hear your ideas!

We have multiple other contests going throughout the next month, totaling 500,000 tokens to be given away! You can find them all here.



I really hope what you say is true. A project like yours deserves to succeed. However, I am sceptical. Your whitepaper is poorly written. It contains errors.

No steemian has received ANY airdropped VIT.

A statement like “already airdropping” does not make sense. Either you drop or you don’t. It’s not a continuous action.

How do you reconcile this with the statement you made on 4th Feb 2018 that the VIT will be airdropped by the year 2021?

This post is long on vague promises and short on facts.

I perfectly understand that you want to build excitement and interest ahead of the “end” of your ICO in the next few days. I’m all for that.

You want us to share this blog and the “information” in it on other social media. However, no self respecting steemian is going to do that, unless you provide us with some concrete facts.

I really hope the ICO succeeds. We need this to succeed.

Give yourselves a better chance and start providing facts insted of unsubstantiated vague phrases. You can start by improving this blog, using the “edit” function.

It is not exciting to see VIT will be airdropped by the year 2021. Longest ever airdropped. They have changed white listing date twice and also asked for money to book a place for ICO. I don't know what they think of this projects. To my mind, They are thinking about short term gain. Otherwise why changing date, strategy so quickly and vaguely. As it is a unique idea, already VIT has got lot of attention. People want to invest and want to see it is successful. I hope they will be more focused on their strategy. clarify the issue which creates doubt. Hope for the best for upcoming ICO.

Photo of the announcement about the “by 2021” airdrop is below.


Hi! Thanks for your support, by 'already airdropping', what is meant is VIT has committed to airdropping STEEM holders 10% of the genesis tokens that will be created. We hope that this gesture is one taken in the manner it is meant to be, as a gesture of appreciation to our parent blockchain supporters.

So the correct English for this is “We plan to airdrop 10% of the genesis tokens to holders of steem”

You should add some more details to this along the lines of:
Expected date of airdrop:
Based on the holdimgs of steem on the ... (date):
This will be accomplished as follows.... (details):

You should also describe in detail how the vice tokens will actually work in practice, both for the end users and for the content producers.

You imply from your white paper that certain members of the porn indutry are “supporting” you. Big names apparently. Can you describe in detail what this means. Did you sign any contractual agreements yet?

I would of done the same!!!!!thanks guys

The VICE team has already been doing great and providing constant support via the telegram group and emails!! It will be absolutely essential for the team to be in talks with some reliable exchanges to get listed on after the ICO is done though!!

Also, we would love to get a more detailed blueprint on exactly what the team has in mind for the usability for the tokens. The website does say what it is, but investors need to know exactly how it's gonna happen, which will have an influence on the price of the tokens. Also, if there are any long term hold benefits the investors can expect, that's another influencer of the price of the tokens.


Thanks for this! We will definitely be taking your suggestions into consideration! Love hearing from so many brilliant steemians!

500.000 tokens.. ---> 10 lucky winners will win 5.000 tokens (imo 10x5.000= 50.000 so what about the other 450.000 tokens? I personally think the website should get some more TLC ! If I am completely honest, I heard about the VICE tokens and thought it's a great idea! Sex sells.. always.. but when looking at the website it feels like I should click to another page, it doesn't grab my attention at all. I think if the website is polished up, and looks a bit less cheap (layout etc) you would grab more peoples attention when they come across the site. Good luck!

Hi! Please keep an eye on our contests page here as we will be running multiple contests throughout crowdsale phase, totaling 500,000 tokens :)

Make sure you have exchanges and marketing ready for post ICO

Exactly, nothing worse than building hype for an ICO and then having no where good for the token to be traded afterwards. I've been impressed with lots of different ICO's over the past year only to have them fall flat after the sale cause they are on shitty, low volume exchanges

I have researched Vice extensively and believe in it.
However your presence here on Steemit is shit and since you are an ICO running on an SMT which is a STEEM blockchain token you really should be investing a lot more in Steem promotions.

I have been here on Steem for over 1.5 years and am very successful. I know how Steem works and I have a character that could really help you.

I propose you contract me to help you promote your operation on the blockchains particularly Steem.

Contact me ASAP as your public ICO launch is tomorrow. I can help you a LOT.

I think using Vice to bring crypto to a huge audience will be good. Perhaps a scene in a Lambo or on the moon would fit in well with the crypto community :)

I completely agree this could be a massive market that could join cypto, even if only 5 percent of the porn users switch then it'll be a success

Pretty cool to give away tokens even after airdropping. Very interested to read more into Vice's economic model

Hey Vice Team really love your project and I'm really happy to be whitelisted!
I wish you guys the best with the project. I love disrubting projects like yours! That's why I've already promoted your project on my Steem Blog!

I think the most important for the Vice project is it to give people who are not from the crypto space an easy to use ecosystem! For newbies Steem can sometimes be really confusing and hard to handle from the start. I hope you implement different catagories of adult content!For example an amateur site. I think this could be really great for viral growth because this could attract all the small ones in the business! Who are now on Youporn and Pornhub for example. And they together could bring a large following base from outside of the crypto world to look at your project!
Greets keep up the great work!

Dually noted. This is our aim, with top adult industry leaders as our partners, we foresee our project attracting non crypto users into the space. With integration into existing sites without changing the interfaces, the familiarity will create for a very user friendly experience!

launch your product as soon as possible after the ICO

Sweet goodness!!! Are you saying I could be paid for something I do "religiously". Well I'll be turning in my papers soon. #new9-5 . Haha

It is important to list VIT on a popular exchange soon after the ICO. As VIT is a first of a kind revolutionary idea, more and more competitor will try to enter the market. You have to maintain high professionalism and have to continue post marketing campaign.

I think you already have the best Ideas honestly. Allowing users to post content to get paid along with major business organizations in the XXX space. Any kind of content to videos to images or even sexy stories or jokes. Releasing a store like steemit has would be great. Like swag or even vibrators or dildo's from sponsored advertisers. Maybe even going as far as users can pay for content like cam shows with there VIT. Maybe a wireless vibrator like chaturbate has and works with tips of VIT.

All of our partner sites will accept full use of the token! Take a look at our list of partners here

Get Don Johnson as a testimonial !
Good luck Vice

How airdropping VIT to steemians works?

Vice Industry Token Inc. will airdrop 400,000,000 (10%) of the genesis tokens to
STEEM token holders as of block number 18,500,000 on the STEEM Blockchain. The
airdrop to STEEM holders will be distributed by January 1, 2021, and possibly earlier!


How Steemians will get VICE Tokens airdrop? Will we get t in our STEEM Wallet?

@viceindustry What would be Really Cool is if we could have a Vice token slot right here on the STEEMIT Wallet Platform. It would be cool to keep them locked UP in a way similar to Steem Power without having to move them to a separate wallet or platform..........Up Vote, Followed and Resteemed. Let the Token winnings come my way.....................

Best ideia is to join to VIT the live webcam platforms like CB (chaturbate.com) and MFC (myfreecams.com) or games like the CamRoulette.

I guess VoD is too obvious, but yes it is an ideia... rent movies with #VIT :D

I sent ETH to get whitelisted and then missed the whitelist sale because you guys all of a sudden changed the whitelist pre-sale date.. Really sucks!

I would suggest to accept Steem(dollars) to participate in VIT, not just Ether.

And please check to photo's on your website, not all of them really inspire trust ;-)

Upvoted, followed and resteemed! It would be great to expand this concept to all of video services like youtube!

We like this one!

Wow this lovely. For the first time am seeing an airdrop of crypto tokens to Steemians. This is a powerful strategy set in a right direction. This is very healthy for the crypto industry and steem community. Looking forward to see steem being used as a platform to raise ICOS because of its fast blocktime, simple addressing system, no fees feature and its huge scaling potential.

In my opinion live cams are one of the most important aspect of adult industry and especially adult coin/ token/ currency. With live cams every content consumer can become content creator and promote the platform/ token for their own benefit and benefit of whole community.

Agreed 100%, which is why we have partnered with some of the top industry leaders, take a look at our partners here

The VIT Platform is a really good idea for the Porn Scene and the Viewers of Porn. Sex always Sells and will always be with us, the idea and concept of Getting Paid to Watch Porn is brilliant!!

But maybe it is also a really good idea to have a New Way of Interacting with the Fans! People have their Favorite Pornstar(s) and various fantasies, from Role Playing to Raw Gangbangs with no idea behind it. There are so many Porn Movies, but what if you could create a system where the fans can determine what happens?

Not exactly be like the producer but more like a voting system, or just a form where fans can tell what they like to see, which girls they like to see in their ultimate fantasy, and what kind of setting or story it need to be, and even if they like loud moaning or just calm moaning and dirty talk. I don't mean to do this in a Live Show setting but more in a way of letting Porn Producers know what fans like.

Ofcourse it will never be perfect but you will definitely get even closer to the fans!

If the Models are Open for it you can even let the Fans see where the Models are in for, DP, Anal, Gangbang etc etc. So the fans know where they have to think about when they describe their ultimate fantasy!

make sure that you always look after the customer more airdrops always make people happy

Vice Platform is amazing place to enjoy as you like and get paid. what a incredible idea.

Best idea is to release VIT now....👍👏👏👏👏🎉🎉🎉🎉

Amateur hour contests where, like whales supporting minnows on here, an amateur content creator can get a boost from othèr more established members.
Getting into virtual reality porn perhaps?
That's all I got.

Accepting a wide array of currencies would be big for this ICO. Since you already have a steemit account, why not open it up to steem and SBD?

I have always said that three things will always will always have consumers long as the Earth exists, SEX, DRUGS AND VIOLENCE. And now, people can be paid to view porn. What could be better? If you ask me, the moon is the next stop.

i'm exciting first platform solely dedicated to paying consumers of adult content, we see the age old models of free tube sites and pay-per-view adult video sites, quickly becoming extinct

It is the first of its kind so it will most definitely do well. The promoters should keep the hype high.

Affiliate with big porn sites as the users can pay with vice tokens instead of money .

All of our partners will accept full use of the token!

I will like to know if there is a whiyepaper for the project?

Such a great platform! We will be getting paid to watch porn!! Don't keep any time limit while we watch or to get paid per day! Best Wishes!

Great idea here. this is our project and we need to build a sound community to increase the value of Token. Thanks

Many token creators do not have plans beyond ICO sales. PLEASE EXECUTE SOME PROJECTS THAT WILL MAKE THIS COIN ONE OF THE BEST. I think having its own exchange, quick listing on exchange, Swift transaction, small transaction fee among others are areas that can make this coin compete if well looked into. All the best.

All project-backed coins are doing well and will continue to do well, VIT should take a cue from that...

You should have a clean and fast easy to use free plattform then you will crush the market!

This would need to be a cast iron privacy based token

All right, I'll bite. Followed, upvoted and resteemed.

Here's the idea: Unlike Steemit, include paid ads in your Website. (It's porn; paid ads on the page is almost mandatory.)

And then, make VICE tokens good-in-trade for the ads. Not for all the ads - you will want fiat coming in - but some ads. That'll give VICE an intrinsic value of sorts, over and above "Vice Power."

An alternative: instead of accepting VICE tokens for ads, allow for delegation of Vice Power as good-in-trade. That'll give your users added incentive to power-up, particularly the users who want ads on your main Site.

Great ideas, thank you for your contribution, and attention ;)

Thanks yourself, and best of luck on your pre-sale.

Good luck in this project. I believe so much in this

What could be more fun than being paid to view a content. This is an amazing project from the team. Exchange listing is very important and believe the team is also working on the that.

Maybe consider launching on a platform such as Stellar. Ethereum may have issues with handling the video content of the platform.

Vice Industry Token is not only a utility token, but it's own blockchain as well. It will be a software fork of the STEEM blockchain!

You guys will be the pioneers in this industry. And i believe you guys should try to make partnership with more sites such as Pornhub, youporn, etc.... Looking forward to what vice will be doing.

i looking out for the vice coin so pll can see my nsfw digital drawings of nude moddels, greetings

To run polls askin the viewers for new content.

How about live shows driven by the audience using vice tokens as payment to incentivize the entertainer to perform the requested action

Investor confidence in the project and community assurance is very important. Always strive to give satisfactory response to issues and questions. Communication is very important. And all target dates in the roadmap should be endeavored to be met

Hey Vice Team really love your project

This is what many people are waiting it's the reality now a days and a this project has a big future.. I can say that for us to be more fame is that give us a sneak peak of some of our partnership and upcoming :). Thank you and More power..


Hi Vice, if equipment is used in videos, I believe references to purchasables would be a good idea. Maybe even a discount as well as links to other videos in the genre watched. Thanks

Seriously, this is really cool! Definitely something new and innovative. Looking forward to seeing how this will turn out. Being similar to Steemit but with adult content, rewarding people for posting, commenting, etc... sounds great.

Do not move the goal posts during ICO. Stick to initial Token Limits.

You have a great project and i would be fully involved.nice idea!!

The Vice Industry plateform 'll change in the adult entertainment industry!

how' do u'll know my address wallet to send contest reward?

Wow!! Thank you very much and how wonderful sharing in this life. Always success 👍👍🙏🙏🙏

Please build a mobile app. Thanks

I suggest you make a group in Russian social network VK.com. There is a lot of porn and they do not pay for watching it)))

your project is great...move on it can success.

I think a good idea would be to accept other coins like steem or litecoin

great initiative, wish vice would have considered steem. Lets see it as an idea from me. Thanks

This is a very great program to getting. I read through there whitepaper and it's such a great program. They got great plans and it will enlighten us more about crypto world. Stay up to this program it's nice and they got strong advicesor and great team members. Kudo to you Guys. Stay focus to this programs guys

Nice project. I like the idea, hope the team will deliver value!

Get it listed on Coinmarketcap and on a lot of exchanges. It would be nice if there would be the chance to grab some free "rewards"

I'm hoping you bring this to other video sharing platforms aswell can only watch sommuch porn lol

This is indeed a welcome initiative that will, no doubt, revolutionize the adult entertainment industry. The era of free porn is going into oblivion, Lol.
Remember this phrase:
Whatever you can do well, do not do it for free. And that includes watching porn. Welcome Viceindustry.

Followed, UpVoted and Resteemed

Thank you for the kind words and support!

Hope I can win some VIT's. This is a really interesting cryptocurrency with a lot of potential. I'm on the ICO whitelist for early buyers today 19th February 2018. Can't wait to see what will happen in the future. Go VIT.

Good luck in project vice industry
Vice industry is the best airdrop bounty

Vice Industry Token Platform is a game changer for porn industry and it is a no-brainer. But I believe marketing for porn lover to access your platform needs to be much more aggressive.

As a media veteran who watches porn regularly, I have only noticed banner ads on Coinmarketcap.com but no other channels, especially in the porn space?

Also, a good gauge for whether an ICO will sell out or sell well is the number of telegram followers, but as of now, 8000+ members since the start of marketing is not exactly mind blowing.

You definitely can do with more aggressive marketing in the porno space, especially with the great catchy tagline, "Get Paid Watching Porn".

with more visibility, it will catch the eyeballs of potential ICO investors too, and as of now, with your Telegram numbers at a sub 10,000 number, it is inspire much enthusiasm to buy in the ICO as the end game for any investor is that the token is perceived to be in hot demand, but unfortunately, I doubt it is the case for now.

It is a pity if nothing is done more to promote more of this industry disruptive revolution, as it is a no-brainer for success if executed well.

But I will be keeping a watchful eye on your platform and wishing you guys all the success this disruptive business model totally deserve!

BEST Ideas for the Vice Industry Token Platform : being release ASAP :-)

First of all, the whole idea of Vice is so exciting and fun ! Who knew watching porn could make you richer (pun intended) :P

Well, I believe you guys are doing fabulously awesome by connecting to the whole world as base level. This would make people get aware about the whole concept of Vice industry. PORN all the way...VICE to the moon soon !!

I am just curious to understand how Vice team would be able to handle the enormous amount of traffic generated when the whole world gets into the party of PORN ;) ;)

maxresdefault (1).jpg

Interest for token holders.

I'm really hyped up for this. Good luck. I wish i had great ideas, maybe a more interactive site for maximum engagement, and merch!

It would be very good if #VIT Have Own Wallet. And Own Blockchain. By the way i'm sure this project going to the moon soon. #VIT See you in the moon.

It actually will be it's own blockchain, with a wallet integrated into the platform! Check out our whitepaper!

Can't wait for VICE and hoping for someone to build a delegations market and autovoters for it

I think curation could be an additional use case and could create a customized experience for the user. Let’s say I have a specific style/genre that I lean towards and curate a nice collection of videos that fit that specific style. Someone who enjoys the same style could follow me because they know they are more likely to find exactly what they are searching for. A general search function is better than nothing but can be horribly flawed when it comes to personalization. By rewarding the curator for creating a great collection, it’s a double win because, in essence, you’ve also created custom “channels” that are constantly updated with new targeted content and, honestly, that can’t be done well without a human touch ;)


How Steemians will get VICE Tokens airdrop? Will we get t in our STEEM Wallet?

Airdrop will happen in 2021, I'm not sure if they know this themselves.

I just hope it won't be time-limited airdrop, it doesn't matter for me personally as I don't qualify for airdrop but it sucks if you miss airdrop and then the coin goes to the moon :|

It was great to a lucky winner.

This is going to be a game changer. If I wasn’t so broke I would be buying as much as I could. Live video chats that are paid with vice tokens. Brilliant!

Thanks so much for your support and contribution!

The best idea for the platform would be to improve your communication with users and ICO participants by a factor of 30.

How exactly would the airdrop work if this is an Ethereum token? Since steem is different.

You need to have something tangible that the coins could be used for hence giving them value and not just pieces of thin air. I suggest some sort of maybe gaming platform or even a hotel renting system that uses VIT?