Spider Coccoon

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There was once a spidery contents here but a spider has now put them inside coccoons.... Like Shelob did with Frodo Baggins~ Or maybe like those fleshy things in Aliens before the chestburster bursts out of them~ Yep, like one of those things :D



What me and scrawly would like to encourage is people engaging other people on Steemit and making connections :D

Please feel free to use the comments section to network and find potential partners hahaha :D


Finally I decided to participate in this contest as I get a partner, for the story you can check out my page https://steemit.com/teamoftwo/@hananan/team-of-two-contest-andhara-the-protector-of-humanity-a12488b799858

Amazing entry, @hananan <3 Beautiful efforts from the both of you !!

Thank you 😀

I wish there would be a lot of people to enter, whohoo! Make friends and be merry :D.

YESH ! Make friends and create together \o/

Fascinating and unique contest idea ^^
Resteemed for my followers!

Thank you for the support, @kristyglas !!! :D

Wuohu nice contest. Need a partner. Who wants to be my Partner B? I ll Post A illustration.

Just checked out your profile; cant see more of your art works there.

I am newly in here. And makeing a new character for this contest i will post it when i finish. Thanks for interest maxi. If you like my skecth i am waiting you to be my partner B. I am making it on Adobe Illustrator as vector art.

Interesting... That would be in then

Cool I like the contest! Really curious about the results :)

Would love to participate but not sure if I can this time...

Thanks, Sander :D Hope you can participate in the future :)

@sanderjansenart I was buried under work and travel this time,but how about we team up on the next one?

Are you sure the world ready for that kind of collaboration? :D

Would love that I'm very honored!

This is my Entry (Cryptoman). I am Partner A. Looking for Partner B.
Thanks For interest



Still looking for a partner.

I see you've submitted your entry now! good luck !!!

Greetings dear!! this post was selected for @sawcraz.art to be upvoted for the BNDW community trail, offering artist support since she created Our Discod Chanel

Innovative idea! very good initiative... I must find a partner...

Good luck @lady-idra <3 Love your stuff~ Hope you can find an interesting partner :)

Have you read the other commenters on this post? Maybe it is a good way to browse for a potential team!

Looks like this gonna be interesting!!

Gat to go and source for a partnet now.

Good luck, @maxijgcomm :D Hope you can team up with someone cool~

Very cool idea! Maybe someone wants to partner up with me? I make illustrations and photos :-)

@jewlzie seems to indicate that she writes ! :D maybe check her blog and if you like her style, reply to her comment here to team up? :D

Sound interesting, jd a great way to involve more people, I can see this growing and becoming a great contest..
Would love to participate myself.. May be the second option, I can create art and the partner can write a story.. And it be nice to learn something, as it's really hard for me to write about art, expression through words isn't my forte.. Well may be will join if I find a partner..

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I hope it can help Steemians earn some STEEMs AND also prompts us to be more connected with what other Steemians are doing :)

@jewlzie seems to indicate that she writes ! :D maybe check her blog and if you like her style, reply to her comment here to team up? :D

Will surely do.. I ain't finding enough time in between work nd travel abut will connect over the weekend.
Love. Swati

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Hi! If you’re interested in teaming up then just @ me and we can work something out :)

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Sure sure.. Would love to team up with you.. Give me few hours, I will connect with you for how can we proceed, would love to know your ideas.. Did you check out my artworks, does it look like something you can work with.. As I do a bit of abstract

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I did check your page and it does look like something I can probably come up with. We can either go about it two ways:
a) You depict a superpower you've brainstormed and then show me the picture, passing the torch so that I can write something to go along with it
b) We can brainstorm a superpower together and do it more step by step.

If you want a contact I have a discord, just message me on Jewlzie#0919 :)

Hey, that sounds nice.. Let's talk later today. Will msg you, I am sorry for not responding earlier ,been a hectic few days.. Not sure if I would be able to participate this time.. Festivals, office and travel... All at same is tiring.. But let's try..

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Alright, don't feel pressured about it. If you can't make it don't worry :)

This is a cool competition Spidey.

Thanks choo ! Hopefully it will motivate people to reach out to others and engage :)

This contest sounds really cool, great idea :) . And your collaboration turned out amazing!

Thank you ! Hoping people would try to earn some STEEMs whilst also making connections to others :D

@adelair, I maybe colour blind but I can colour well lol

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Kekeke are we joining? 😂😂

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The two of you are going to be a wonderful team !!!

I'm gonna have to skip participating, but I LOVE this idea and initiative @veryspider! Upvoted and resteemed :-)

Dear Artzonian, thanks for using the #ArtzOne hashtag. Your work is valuable to the @ArtzOne community. Quote of the week: Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics. -Victor Pinchuk

Ohhh !!!! I love the idea, I would like to join hehehe, I just have to get a couple hahahaha (I already have some guys in mind just touch winks to get it)

good luck @paokarinat !!! looking forward to see your partner and your entry :D

This is such an amazing initiative! I'd love to join in, but not sure do I ask another artist? Do I leave this comment seeing if another artist wants to partner with me?

I love your joint effort with @scrawly. Amazing! And I've had skulls on the brain (pun intended) lately so love it even more.

Check the other comments, Donna :D See if their blogs interest you~

and skulls on the brain ! sounds like my brain !! XD

Hai Donna :)

Maybe we can do something together :D

That'd be cool, let me know.

😸 I'll contact you on discord

This looks like a fun contest! If anyone's interested, I enjoy writing so if you need a partner just ask :)

@itravelarts and @almarlene seems to be looking for a partner who may be able to write something for their arts? :D :D :D

HOOK UP~ hooooooook up~

I love how enthusiastic you are! It’s contagious haha. Thanks for the shout out hopefully I can find a partner sometime

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I hope so too \o/

Hahhaha.. Thank you for trying to hook us up... 😂I would definitely be trying something this weekend..

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oh! nice, nice, nice..
Who wants to join me? Need a scriptwriter!!
I can draw things like this:

Good luck, @javier.dejuan ! Hope you can find an interesting partner !!!

Is that Misato?

it's Melissa :)

Haha it reminded me a lot Misato from evangelion 😉✌️

Kewl contest @veryspider!!! 😸🏹🎨

I happen to have a line art that would be glad if anyone added some colours to it...

Anyone interested? (although this wouldn't be for this contest haha)

I'm open to other Ideas as well...this looks like a lot of fun

Aaah I hope you can find a partner, melo ! I love your stuff !!! :D

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Wow, this contest is something completely new!

I hope it is a fresh idea that will engage Steemians :D

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Extremely cute ideas ! Wow ! I will see if I can find a partner. :) Resteemed :)

OMG it would be amazing if you enter * ___ *

Ladies, this is such a cool contest!!! Maybe I'll find a partner to enter...

Aaah hope you can find a partner <3 Love your style, so much, @anouk.nox <3

OMG !!!! Amazing !!!! :D :D :D

Oooo how interesting Õwõ
Hopefully I can find a dance partner tho XD

maya-chan!!! :D how about asking @omega-not or @raizel to team up???


Spidy channn I asked @thilah to team up and she accepted AAAAAAA thanks thilah´w`

Wooowww! What a great combo 👍


Turned out awesome! looks like a fun contest.

Thanks!! Hopefully it can help Steemit grow haha :D

This is such a wonderful idea! I love the results of your collab, and can't wait to see what other amazing works come from this contest.

Thank you @offbeatbroad :D Hope to also see some great collabs ! :D

Whoo Maya Thilah duo let's go! Good luck to everyone that's entering!!!

Whooooohooooo \o/ Good luck Maya-Thilah duo <3 <3 <3


It's a great idea! I want to participate! If somebody wants to be my partner comment me please :$.
BTW, I can do the sketches :$...
And @veryspider and @scrawly are a great team, good job and very awesome!

how about @melooo182, @marylucy? maybe you can make arts together! the picture doesn't need to be coloured :> maybe one of you can sketch it and the other one can ink it :D :D :D

It's a great idea, if @meloo182 is agree with be my partner that would be nice ^^. I'll wait for a answer.
@veryspider, thanks for your help! You're very kind😊.

Hey! Hola, soy Eliana :) Si lograste conseguir compañero? Si todavía no te gustaría hacer grupo conmigo?

¡Hola!, soy María, mucho gusto~.
La verdad, sigo sin compañero 😄 y claro que me gustaría que seamos compañeras🎉.

Mucho gusto! Y me alegra haber conseguido compañera :33 Podemos escribirnos por hotmail? O por facebook? Mi correo es [email protected] y mi facebook es Ichigo Izumi, tengo la foto de un perrito negro de avatar ahí.

Sii 😸✌¡Ya te busco por facebook!

I got a temp drlegation and I selected your contest as example of engagement proposal, eith your permission I borrow your cute banner of course linked to the contest post.post Link will be up tomorrow

Of course !!! <3 Would be super awesome to get signal boost ! Thank you so much, @yidneth <3

Such a good idea, spider! This contest is going to make some awesome results!

I hope so, @corpsvalues ....... ahhh, we're trying to shore up some energy in steemit despite the general slow down of the blogging platform... Create some excitement and maybe make people look at other people's stuff and get some engagement going !

So when steem is back on track, the quality contents of the blockchain will also be in a (relatively) good shape???

You seem to have a strong community built around your posting, you and @scrawly both.

wow... interesting.... Actually I just make a cool anime character together with @hime.sama unfortunately it's just a guy without power 😀
I think I don't have enough time to make another one, but I'll resteem it tho...

aaaaaaah you did? that's so cool ! i will check it out, @hananan <3

quite an interesting idea ;)
I'd like to participate...the next time if this collab contest is going to have another round :)

I am hoping it will have another round, ... but let's see if this one is successful or not hahaha

what do you mean? it will be successful for sure ;)

True. Partnership is key.

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thank you ! and yes, we can all use a good partner to get things off the ground in the world... TEAMWORK is the name of the game !!

oh this is such a good idea! didn't see it before now, but maybe I still have time to find a partner..
Anyone? :D

I think @jewlzie is still without a partner... and also @visionaryart

Both are amazing Steemians.... like yourself ! (GOSH I LOVE YOUR BLOG SO MUCH, @frejafri * ___ * !!!)

thank you! Oh I'd love to create something with @jewlzie or @visionaryart! Both amazing artists! Won't be able to make it for this deadline though I don't think! But I'd defenitely be up for it in another round!

Entry #3.
Good luck :).                  

Nice entry!!! Good luck :D

Thanks. crossed my fingers

I found a partner!! But I think we won't make it for the deadline, will there be another teamoftwo contest after the deadline of this one, @veryspider??

aaaaah, i just replied to your comment above XD but yes, we will try to run another one in October :D

Oh yes I see, well, cool! me and @mushroomdreams will try to create something! :D

Ooooh... I only saw this now... Do you suppose someone could color the Griffin picture sometime?

Only new arts can be entered !!! Like it has to be made for this contest, but don't worry there will be future rounds, i hope :D

Also I can't enter my stuff cuz I'm running the contest XD;;;;

Sure... not for the purpose of the competition...

We shall be adding a credit line for the cover art with every episode of The Autumn Keep for you based on the new cover. When someone colors it for us then we can add them in on the credits as well.

Like a movie... or an anime. XD ;P

XD XD sounds great !!!

....... waits waits for the next chapter :D

I know... -_-

I was sick for two days and spent most of the time sleeping. Yesterday was my first day back and I still needed an early night. I actually woke up in the early hours now and am going to sleep in a few minutes before needing to get up for our Friday.

So as for an estimation of the next episode... I am guessing that it will be... Saturday. At best. Haha. :P

aaaah you should rest ! being sick isn't fun at all...

and dont worry about me, i'm just a pest sometimes XD i can wait, though ! <3

Haha, it's fine. I prefer to be pestered by people who want to read my work!

So we're a little late in entering but we'd like to through our hat in the ring.


Yay ! Great team !!!

Here is our entry for the contest. Can't wait to see what everyone else comes up with!



Thank you for entering ! Entry received !!! :D

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