SBD Giveway (Grand Experiment)

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Ok I've been thinking about ways to spread SBDs around steemit. And I want to try an experiment.

I'm giving away all author rewards from this post. You can get a share if you follow three rules:

  1. Resteem
  2. Reply with a smile (emoticon, emoji, gif, giphy, ANY kind of smile)
  3. Upvote

Each person who follows these rules will get an equal share of the author rewards. I'll credit 1 SBD for every 1 SP (unless somebody knows how to distribute SP?)

PS thank you @mermaidvampire whose offhand comment months ago was the kernel of thought that sprouted this experiment.

Get to it, people!!!


how about a smiling pup

Aww that is soo happy

More of a nervous smile, we were at the vet.

Love it.

Cool Experiment!


If you have SBD, youcan trade them on the internal market for Steem and then send the Steem in a 1:1 ratio to the SP your post receives. That’s what I do with my Amidakuji jackpots. I give all the rewards away.

Oh that's good! I'll try it.

I Resteemed using

Cool! Clever gif, too.

Does my own work? If not ;))

Awesome Contest. Great Job! In fact....

Then in case this isn't enough of a smile...

can you tell I appreciate tim and eric lol

🐱 🐱
Meoowww!!!! HAHAHA :D

Old School! :)

It's the devil smile.

Whoa! Two smiles for the price of one?

We aim to please :)

PS I wrote something you might like, from what I've seen you post. Not poetry but maybe something that may give you 10 seconds of enjoyment.

Yes, I thought it was perfect for the giveaway!

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