VCelier Contest #12: What is the name of the language that is ... ?

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As nobody answered the question, there will be no winner for this contest, sorry

There is only one question in this contest. It has to do with Wikipedia:


Most people know that the language with the largest number of articles on Wikipedia is English.

The question to answer for this contest is:

In term of the number of articles on Wikipedia, what is the name of the language that is ranked third?

To participate in this contest, you need to do two things, before Sunday, February 10th, 10:00AM (Pacific Time):

  • Send 0.001 STEEM or SBD to me (@vcelier) with a memo that starts with the character '#' with the name of the language.

  • Send in a comment to this post the amount in dollars shown as the reward for this post as displayed on Steemit on Tuesday February 12th, 10:00AM (Pacific Time).

Only one entry reply per person and no update. Anybody that sends several entry replies or updates their entry reply will be disqualified.

So, think carefully before answering: you have more than three days, there is no advantage to reply early. In fact it is better to reply during the last few hours, as the reward amount does not change much after 3 days, except when the price of Steem changes a lot.

You can make as many non entry comments as you want, but no hint. Anybody that provides a hint will be disqualified.

The winner will need to give the correct answer to the question and be the closest for the dollar amount.
If several contestants have the exact same winning answers, the one with the earliest comment with the dollar amount will be declared the winner.

The prize will be the liquid award of this post.

Good luck.

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I received your 0.001 STEEM, but there was no memo with it. Please try again and make sure the memo starts with the character '#'.


Hello, good day to you. I've be been trying to contact you but to no avail, do you have discord? If yes, please send me a request via my discord handle (king-oghie#9930) or whichever way you want me to communicate with you. I wait your request, cheers.


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