Best Author Reward Winners! 2

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Here is the small winners prize from Upmewhale to the winners of this week best authors and also small prize to the group members who work For upmewhale. thanks to all friend for supporting us .

Here are the top author selected By our Team Members !

We will change the rules of the contest in the next post the post will have some limited rules in that rules post will be accepted!

join Discord for all details!

This is the last reward i am offering because i am not getting positive responce from the users and also many are not liking the offer soon i will update the website for much automatic selection to search quality of the post to it will be available again. thanks


This post, with over $50.00 in bidbot payouts, has received votes from the following:

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rocky1 payout in the amount of $13 USD.
promobot payout in the amount of $13 USD.

For a total calculated bidbot upvote value in the amount of $81 USD.

This information is being presented in the interest of transparency on our platform @upmewhale and is by no means a judgement of your work.

Thanks for sharing this post, I appreciate this contest.keep it up my dear friend....
Upvote and resteemit

I like this steemit. thanks for sharing post. I appreciate your post best of luck.

Good what you do, despite not having positive responce, just keep trying, I wish you the best of luck!!

Gratitude for Appreciation
@grx121 I highly appreciate it that you liked my content. I just try to be myself and be a constructive part of this community and represent green. This mention boosted my confidence. I will try to keep bringing more content and stick to it.
PS: I never know that I am paty of any contest of @upmewhale but i would gladly take it as it is content based :)