*F.U.R.R.* 4 BIG-A$$ STEEM GIVEAWAY!!! (Well-Endowed Minnow making it RAIN!)

in contest •  3 years ago  (edited)

All those F.U.R.R.-ing will get .2 STEEM while it lasts!!! (current followers eligible, just "U.R.R.")
Once all my STEEM is gone, I will give out upvotes for the subsequent F.U.R.R. respondents ;) I suspect I will drain my STEEM and my Upvoting capacity, but WHO CARES??? Spreading the LOVE! WE Love STEEMIT! :D

Is there an easy way to Verify these actions? LOL I guess I shoulda thought of that FIRST!!!! I do know a slower way to verify... Oh well, let's get with it, for tomorrow might be too late ^O.o^

Let the fun BEGIN...

Anyone??? Hmmm???

PS: Well Endowed means I'm sharing my big Steem WALLET lol

*F.U.R.R. = FOLLOW, UPVOTE, RESTEEM, and REPLY! My New Acronym ;)

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  ·  3 years ago (edited)

U.R.R. !

Got your Friend!!! U might wanna consider more than a 1% upvote, however ;)

Awesome! Thanks again!

I was confused what F.U.R.R means LOL FURR'd you lol

Got U, K.K! :D

F.U.R.R. 😁

PAID, my beautiful new friend! :*

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Up-voted nice idea. You are very generous ! Now following

Thanks @dwolfe!
Wolfy is KEWL

Your Steem Wallet...

LOL!!! I LOVE a Good Seinfeld Reference! :D

U.R.R. =)

I saw you had upvoted in steemnow, but did not see the post until now!
Thanx, Blaine! INCOMING STEEM...

Much appreciated!

Wahahaha F.U.R.R ...God bless you more!!!

U too!
Check's in the Mail LOL

I have only awarded 15% of the pledged amount I have set aside!

85% remains to be claimed!

  ·  3 years ago Reveal Comment

@randompic WASSSUP?

Thanks @ubg! :D




Is there any F.UR.R left?


WOW, Thanks!!!

Do you want DOG or CAT??? lol


LOL!!! I got your FURR mid-stream, glad U completed the cycle!


I think I got distracted by your blog in the process. Thank you!

THANKS @dan90!

Followed, Upvoted, Resteemed, Replied!

incoming... :D

F.U.R.R. :D
I just U.R.R

Yes! My Favorite Screen Name-d One! :D

<3 <3 <3


:O so much ty <3

Oh...why not? It's done. ☺

Paid! ;)

Awesome! Thanks!

Y'all LMK if I missed anybody!

I think I am "up to date", and if you had a partial F.U.R.R. finish it out if you want, and Let Me Know! I see that some have just upvoted and did not reply, but if you finish the F.U.R.R. and want to DONATE your steem to someone else, that is OK by Me! I will send steem to whomever you designate! :D