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Table Of Contents

Table Of Content

  1. Introduction
  2. Summary
    Part 1 — Why
  3. Market Vision.
    ➧ Cryptocurrencies Power the Internet of Value.’s vision of the Internet of value is built on clear and distinct paradigms:
    ➧ Cryptocurrency Exchanges Enable Users to Navigate the Internet of Value.
    ➧ The Internet Of Value.
  4. Crypto Exchanges' Problems. That Aims to Fix.
    ➧ Security Breaches.
    ➧ Non-compliance.
    ➧ Opacity.
    ➧ Outages.
    Part 2 — The Project.
  5.'s Key Claims.
    ➧ Aiming for European Leadership.
    ➧ Combining a Centralized Exchange with Decentralized Settlement.
    ➧ Leveraging Advanced Cryptographic Protocols.
    ➧ Compliant and Ready for Mainstream Adoption.
  6. The Blockchain Project.
    ➧ Main Functionalities.
    ➧ Essential Feature. will provide an intuitive trading experience catering to the needs of both individual and institutional traders and investors.
    ➧ Peer-to-peer Lending.
    ➧ Proprietary Lending.
    ➧Short & Long Margin Trading
    Advanced Cryptographic Protocols.
    “Fair exchange” cryptographic protocols.
    ➧Intercambios atómicos (AS).
    ➧Contrato de Hashed Timelock (HTLC).
    ➧Payment Channels.
    ➧Lightning Network (LN).
    ➧RSK Sidechains.
    ➧High Performance .
    Elixir Programming language.
    Web, Mobile & Desktop.
    ➧ Business Model.
    Payment transactions.
    ICO services.
    Coin / Token listing. Roadmap.
  7. Token Sale.
    ➧ BCIO Token Use.
    ➧ BCIO Token Distribution.
    ➧ Use of Proceeds.
    ➧ BCIO Token Sale Roadmap.
    ➧ Token Sale Terms.
    ➧ Annex 1 — Relationship Between.

Introduction It is a technology whose application is currently being explored in all sectors due to its ability to radically change business models. In the field of logistics and transport. also has an important transforming potential, which is beginning to be demonstrated through numerous ongoing initiatives technologies enhance the interoperability between systems and provide a single source of truth, shared by all participants, allowing a high level of information integration, while ensuring that the information can not be altered and offer high levels of transparency and auditability.

Currently, there are already many organizations that are exploring Organizations should deepen their knowledge of to evaluate its applicability and create projects with an integral approach and progressive implementation.

In essence, it is a technology that allows us, with a high degree of certainty, to ensure the integrity of certain information.

The platform will offer all the necessary features for a complete commercial experience that includes basic and advanced orders, peer to peer leadership and margin negotiation. will provide services that will allow ventures to nest their ICOs into Core ideas is your gateway to the Internet of Value.

The internet that we know and use every day had its origin at the end of the 60s in the United States (ARPANET in California), its takeoff and development in Western countries during the 90s (World Wide World or WWW), and its evolution worldwide (100 million users in January 2006) and exponential growth in the last two decades thanks to new infrastructures, mobile devices, social networks, etc. (more than 3,500 million users in 2017, 50% of penetration worldwide)

This internet is known as the "information internet", and it is the broadest means of information and communication in the history of humanity, where information is free, accessible to all and replicable with low cost (for example, the digital copies of eMails or documents that you send). However, it has also become the most centralized internet in history, where a few companies account for most of the activity that is generated on the Internet: Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc

Blockchain is the technology that arrives to transform the internet we know in a new internet where value will be exchanged without the need of having a "trusted" entity that intermediates, carries out and confirms the transactions. Therefore, it is not a question of replacing the current internet, but of creating an additional layer in which people can exchange value between them.

The Blockchain is a decentralized database that acts as a large distributed accounting book of all the transactions that are registered in it, and that is maintained collaboratively by a large number of computers (nodes) all over the world through a consensual cryptographic algorithm.

An exchange of cryptocurrencies will be created, will present an important role on the Internet of Value ecosystem. It will be the market where the cryptocurrencies will be exchanged against each other, a gateway and a bridge through multiple value networks fed by different cryptocurrencies blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ether. will combine the efficiency of a centralized low latency system and all the exchange functions with the decentralized "trusted" inter-chain settlement. Taking advantage of cross-chain atomic exchanges, cryptographic protocols, and payments such as Lightning and Raiden. These developments will exceed the scalability. is run by a highly experienced team of cryptocurrency experts.

Part 1 — Why will allow us to see the world from another perspective. Industries and companies must adapt to these changes if they want to stay in the markets.

3. Market Vision.

The plans are to design marketing programs for innovation projects of currencies in our exchange. With the aim of establishing as the gateway to the Internet of value. aims to serve as a bridge for all these value networks and provide a transparent and secure market where cryptographic currencies are exchanged among themselves. The goal is to push to the forefront of the cryptography industry.

In 2017, (ICO) raised around $ 5 billion. This was achieved by a community of chip holders who became their ambassadors. Digital tokens are better and smarter money. They are programmable money, immediately liquid, indefinitely fragmentable and instantly transferable.

The cryptocurrencies will be short term. The new cryptographic developments and payment applications will allow us to carry out transactions in all these currencies, and traditional "fiat" currencies will retain their role as price anchors. The markets will be where the cryptocurrencies will be exchanged with each other and with fiduciary currencies. The exchanges of cryptocurrencies will be the bridges between the block chains driven by Bitcoin, Ether and other cryptographic protocols.

The Internet of value will generate new waves of innovation in financial systems and beyond. Thus attracting the financial community and millions of people who still do not have banking services.

Cryptocurrencies Power the Internet of Value

The Internet has changed our lives, and will continue to do so. But, what money truly is?

  • A bill
  • gold.
  • Bank account number or Bitcoin wallet.

Money should not be understood as a thing or a commodity, but as a technology to record value. The Internet of value is based on multiple decentralized, automated, transparent and secure blockchain-based value networks.

Different networks operate different versions of the blockchain, which in turn are fed by different cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ether or Litecoin. Allowing users to safely exchange assets, rights, goods and services, globally and throughout the day, without the participation of a centralized authority, traditional financial intermediaries, or intermediaries. Money as a technology.

Even now, cryptocurrencies can already do several things better than other types of money. Everyone in the world can open a "bank account" and receive money in a blockchain public ledger such as Bitcoin or Ethereum without the intervention of intermediaries.

The applications can be built on the public blockchain ledgers automatically and without permissions, and so different from the legacy banking system. Blockchain-based cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are global, immutable and decentralized public records.

The public Bitcoin book has the possibility of being the most transparent monetary system of all time. It is its radical transparency that makes it the perfect record for public finances.

At the same time, individual privacy can be adequately maintained through the use of public and private key cryptography techniques. Corruption, embezzlement and other abuses of public finances that prevail all over the world can be effectively deterred by the use of a transparent public book, such as that used by Bitcoin and Ethereum.

There is the security of recording the value itself and, second, the security of the ecosystem around the value registry, and also the security of the individuals who use the registry to measure their own value. A blockchain as a decentralized public ledger, global and immutable is the safest possible.

Bitcoin is using a different trust system. Centralized exchanges and centralized wallet providers. Decentralization is multifaceted.

Internet of value. It is based on the discovery of the blockchain technology and is opposed to the Internet of information in which it allows to share the value, since it does not need a trusted Central Entity to impose its criteria. This technology will be applied to titles, certifications, files, songs, ... it is a network articulated by the people themselves generating content without intermediaries and where everyone is a transmitter and receiver.’s vision of the Internet of value is built on clear and distinct paradigms:

  • Cryptocurrency Exchanges Enable Users to Navigate the Internet of Value.

The Internet Of Value has a responsibility to promote and materialize transactions with cryptocurrencies.

Part 2 — The Project

4. Key Claims.

Thanks to the ability to execute all kinds of applications and establish smart contracts through blockchain technology, new companies have immense possibilities to break into any industry. And the changes generated in society by the emergence of Internet Value, now followed by new ways to share content and interact through technology. cryptography will be based on the greatest strength model of security, reliability, compliance, and responsibility.

Aiming for European Leadership

Paymium. One of the most trusted exchanges in the European cryptocurrency for individual and institutional traders and investors founded in 2011. The platform provides the EUR / BTC exchange service and allows users to send and receive Bitcoins by mail. Using the model key that will be the hallmark of

Paymium complies with European regulations and accepts the bank transfer and the SEPA credit card for the purchase of Bitcoin. We are sure that Paymium is based on compliance and responsibility, Paymium is the only encryption exchange whose financial accounts are completely audited by an external one.

Paymium and are a perfect pair and the next logical step to meet the growing expectations of the cryptographic world as it evolves into the Internet of Value.

The European Union usually takes the implementation of new laws calmly. Institutional and individual investors show growing interest in Bitcoin, Ether and the European ICOs. Most European regulators are open, with a wait and see attitude. Therefore, they have taken their time for cryptocurrencies, and now they are ready.

The EU of Blockchain will serve to promote the cooperation of exchanging knowledge and technical expertise on blockchain technology, as well as for the development of digital applications based on blockchain for the European single market.

Combining a Centralized Exchange with Decentralized Settlement

With the proliferation and boom of cryptocurrencies, the need for new spaces to mobilize, negotiate and safeguard them also grew.

Many exchanges work under the centralized system. These are platforms where an intermediary, in this case a specific company, intervenes in the relationship between two people who wish to exchange cryptocurrencies.

Unlike centralized exchanges, it works without an intermediary and operates in an environment maintained by software through which it interacts with the technological blockchain. As grows, it will add more features such as margin trading, owner loans and peer-to-peer loans.

The decentralized establishment of cross chains will be based on atomic exchanges, that is, cryptographic protocols that allow users to settle transactions through heterogeneous systems. will boost liquidity in three specific ways:

Creating hundreds of tokens for the ease with which they can be developed, and companies have realized that they can be used to finance themselves. It is what is called ICO (Initial Coin Offerings), companies create a token, decide what will be its value or what it will be used for, and prevent it using the money they earn to finance themselves.

ICO planning and execution services plus liquidity services to help ICO campaigns and ICO listings.

Paymium says that more than 170,000 existing accounts will automatically receive a account at launch, and will benefit from incentives if they decide to use the new crypto bag.

➧ Leveraging Advanced Cryptographic Protocols aims to facilitate the development of cross chains ecosystems, cryptographic protocols and payment networks such as Lightning and Raiden to establish a bridge between different blockchain networks.

The atomic exchanges allow the exchange of cryptocurrencies of different blockchains without the need for a centralized intermediary. This reduces risk and provides more flexibility for users to exchange cryptocurrencies based on POW, POS, DAG and other protocols in a truly homogenous manner.

They also provide solutions to the problems of scalability of the blockchain based on Bitcoin and greatly reduce the cost of transactions.

Compliant and Ready for Mainstream Adoption

Solution to a financial and / or social problem. firmly believes that cryptocurrencies will be regulated, in various forms, extension and degrees, depending on the country or region. Our philosophy for blockchain is to anticipate the regulatory requirements and become the first exchange that meets all the requirements as soon as the relevant regulations are issued.

5. The Blockchain Project Main Functionalities

Exchange of cryptocurrencies in a hybrid operation with a centralized correspondence and decentralized settlement engine. These centralized exchanges maintain custody of the buyer's cash without the need for an intermediary. They also offer solid liquidity, fast order matching and quick buy and sell. will have a peer-to-peer loan system in which end users can borrow money from other people within the platform. is managed by the founder and CEO Pierre Noizat, who is also co-founder and CEO of Paymium. Paymium launched in 2011 as one of the first bitcoin exchanges in the world. will have "exhaustive accounting records" that will be frequently audited. aims to comply with all applicable policies and intercontinental guidelines.

Also, will have a negligible downtime "restricted to maintenance or migration". They also have the strategy of offering resistance below the significant volume or assaults of DOS with "no technological debt". will review cryptocurrencies based on their technological merits and their sustainability. This is done not only to ensure that only higher-level tokens are traded on the platform, but also to ensure that the security of the exchange is not compromised by a problematic token.

➧ Essential Feature

  • Completely obedient and clear:
  • will have "exhaustive accounting records" that will be frequently audited. aims to comply with all applicable policies and intercontinental guidelines.

  • Extremely protected and non-custodial:
  • will not have control (custody) over buyers' money. will use encrypted cold storage and cryptographic reservation testing. It will also use good commercial protocols to reduce the possibility of counterparty.
  • Trusted infrastructure:
  • will have a negligible downtime "restricted to maintenance or migration". They also have the strategy of offering resistance below significant volume or DOS assaults with "no technological debt".
  • Electronic coins chosen by hand:
  • All currencies indicated on the platform will have a full range focus. will review cryptocurrencies based on their technological merits, their sustainability and their deep protocol. This is done not only to ensure that higher-level tokens are mentioned on the platform, but also to ensure that the security of the exchange is not compromised by a problematic token.
  • Institutional List of ICO and Token:
  • will provide ICO assistance to establishments interested in launching their token will provide an intuitive trading experience catering to the needs of both individual and institutional traders and investors.

Peer to Peer Loans.

The funds will be available to operators that need loans from other users of the platform.

The lenders will earn interest on the loans.

Interest rates will be fixed based on Supply and demand using a decentralized network.

High Performance Matching.

The platform will work as an auction system:

The user can request one or several times a day the auction services. Also, the market suppliers can participate once a day with an order in the auction market counting on the benefits of running with the final price of the auction by entering the purchase price of their currencies.

Short & Long Margin Trading
Margin trading can be used for short and long operations. Long trades will be closed automatically through the exchange when the amounts invested exceed the indebtedness capacity. At this stage, the borrowed funds are automatically returned to the lender along with the accrued interest. Merchants that sell a currency short can borrow this currency from another user of the platform or centralized inventory to sell it immediately. A trader can borrow a currency for short sales only if the platform blocks a currency value to secure trade. Once this security reserve is exhausted, the system automatically closes the trade and the borrowed currency is returned to the lender along with the interest earned.

Advanced Cryptographic Protocols

A technology that uses specialized blockchain cryptography from centralized commerce and decentralized settlement based on atomic inter-chain swaps.

An atomic exchange system can use a smart time-blocking contract for a party to deliver the currency that will be exchanged within a specific time, otherwise the transaction will be canceled

Another aspect that draws attention in the execution of this type of protocol is the exchange, is that it can be done in two ways: inside the chain and outside the blockchain. In order to mitigate the problems of scalability, trade latency, privacy, and cost of the original Bitcoin blockchain and to allow inter-chain commerce.

“Fair exchange” cryptographic protocols

  • Atomic exchanges(AS):
  • The so-called Atomic Swaps are transactions made directly between different blockchains without the need of a third party serving as a mediator. These third parties can be exchange houses or centralized sites responsible for performing these functions, so this type of direct exchange means a great advance in the development of transactions between blockchains and the decentralization of these processes.

    A Hashed Timelock Contract (HTLC) is a type of smart contract used in cryptocurrency channels to eliminate counterparty risk. It allows the implementation of transactions with blocking time limit.

    The trade in atomic cross chains between cryptocurrencies is implemented using HTLC.

  • Contrato de Hashed Timelock (HTLC):
  • A Hashed Time Lock Contract (HTLC) uses several elements of existing cryptocurrency transactions. For example, HTLC transactions ensure that an atomic exchange process is not reliable by requiring a cryptographic test of payment and receipt of payment before the deadline after which the payment is canceled.
  • Payment Channels:
  • HTLCs allow payments to be routed securely through block chains that support multiple payment channels, allowing virtually unlimited bidirectional transfers between two participants. These transfers are transfers outside the chain, except for the initial creation of the deposit in the chain and the eventual closure of the channel.

The trading and graphics platform will be available as a mobile device application (iOS, Android, HTML 5), desktop applications (Mac OSX, Windows, Linux) and web-based application.


  • LendingClub We connect borrowers with investors through our online market.
  • Investors In exchange for competitive returns, investors purchase Notes, which correspond to fractions of loans.
  • Borrowers Borrowers use loans to consolidate debt, improve their homes, finance major purchases, and more.

ICO services

Implementation of technological solutions for the security of user accounts and portfolios; Development and adaptation of the website; Consultations with IT specialists on the application of technologies in the ICO.


➧ BCIO Token Use

These lawsuits were designed to provide security to merchants and users at the time of the exchange in order to encourage the use of the platform in order to ensure liquidity in the stock market. It is BCIO token will remain in the wallet in the exchange. Users can have a certain amount of currency as agreed by paymium until the operation is completed.

➧ BCIO Token Distribution

With the creation of the Paymium tokens, they will only offer 55% of the sales and the rest will be distributed in transactions.


➧ Use of Proceeds

Funds raised during the Token Sale will be used as follows:


➧ BCIO Token Sale Roadmap:

The Token Sale period will begin on September 27, 2018.

➧ Token Sale Terms

Hard Cap:
Cap of amounts raised through the sale of Tokens is set at 20 million euros.
Token Supply:
Paymium will emit 100 million ERC20 Tokens with the BCIO symbol.
Token Reference Price:
During the Token Sale, each Token will cost the equivalent of 0.70 euros in either Bitcoin or Ether at the date of purchase (the conversion rate will be calculated based on the exchange rate published on the website “”).
Accepted Currencies:
Only Bitcoin and Ether will be accepted in exchange for BCIO Tokens.

At the end of the Token Sale, unsold Tokens will be burnt.


➧ Annex 1 — Relationship Between & Paymium

More Information and Resources: Website Token Sale Page and Details Token Sale Contribution Guide Whitepaper Medium YouTube Telegram Twitter Reddit

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