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Hey Steemians, ever since I joined Steemit, I've been wanting to host a live trivia game show where users can win SBD simply by answering fun trivia questions on Dlive. In this post, I am going to explain what I plan on doing in order to make it work and how anyone who wants to help or participate can earn SBD.


The biggest issue I am currently facing is getting enough people to participate. On my first attempt, due to the current amount of traffic or lack therof on Dlive, there were only 2 people who found the stream so it didn't work. However, Dlive has been growing consistently and I am very hopeful knowing that Team Dlive is working relentlessly to grow and improve the platform. For the time being, with the amount of followers I have and the amount of active users on Dlive, starting a broadcast in hopes to get enough organic users to play trivia is not a good approach. With that being said, here are my plans and I would love any feedback and ideas you guys may have as well:

1 - SBD Giveaway to Grow Followers/Participants
I am giving away 0.1 SBD for new followers to grow triviastreak. If a live trivia game show to win SBD prizes sounds fun to you, just do these steps and I'll send the 0.1 SBD up to 1000 people.

  • follow me @triviastreak,
  • comment "Done" and what time of day would work best for you to play trivia. ie: Done 4pm EST
    I will check back to this post and send SBD once confirmed throughout the week.

2 - Mix VR with Trivia

I enjoy playing, testing, and showcasing VR games so currently my broadcasts on Dlive have been mainly old and new virtual reality gameplay and experiences. Until a live trivia game show can happen, I plan to continue streaming VR. What I want to add is during my VR videos I will be asking trivia questions. Followers who stop by can earn SBD by answering questions. SBD amount will be based on a cusomtized prize wheel.

3 - Discord

Finally created a Trivia Streak Discord - this will help in letting everyone know when the game show is live along with other updates. Join the Discord channel: https://discord.gg/3wgd5Ga

4 - Trivia Games on Steemit post

I will start creating trivia games and question posts to start building interest. Play and answer to win SBD.

So there you have it, those are the 4 things that I'm going to be focused on in the upcoming months. I've built an audience of over 1 million fans on Facebook, but due to recent greed-inspired changes by Facebook and YouTube, I will be dedicating my efforts to building on Dlive/Steemit - Let's Go!!


Done, 8pm EST!

Done. Any random time will do as my waking and sleeping schedules tend to be random -- just beware of potential overlaps with the other live trivia apps out there (I'm mainly a Cash Show and Quizbiz Live player). I've also joined the Discord channel -- accidentally signed up twice but doughtaker#8347 is what I go by.

Done 9-10pm GMT+1

DONE 3-6pm pacific time

SBD sent @iseeyouvee! Thanks for the support and don't forget to join our discord https://discord.gg/3wgd5Ga
We'll be announcing the live game show for both cash and SBD prizes there!

Done. 16:00 WAT

Done 4 PM EST

Followed, Upvoted and Resteemed :)

Done 16-22 pm UTC

If only this was a real thing on the app store!

Done 8pm WAT

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